Bieliavtsev Vadym Viktorovich

Doctor Dentist - Surgeon, Implantologist, Maxillofacial surgeon

Education and Career:

1998 - graduated from the Lviv State Medical University named after. D. Galitsky

2004 - awarded 2nd qualification category

2005 - specialization "Surgical dentistry" UMMA

2007 - pre-certification cycle "Surgical stomatology" UMMA assigned 1st qualification category

2008 - training in emergency medical care on the basis of the Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Center for Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine

2009 - pre-certification cycle "Surgical Stomatology" UMMA was given the highest qualification category.

Member of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine.

Symposia and master classes:

2000 "Progressive technologies in dentistry. Aesthetics of a smile", Kiev

2002 "Modern technologies of treatment and prevention in practical dentistry", Kiev

2003 "Modern technologies of diagnostics and treatment in practical stomatology", Lviv

2004 "Modern view on periodontology", Lviv

2005 Participant of the Second Eastern European Conference on Dental Implant Problems, Lviv

2005 Participant of the international conference "Endodontics. Periodontology. Orthopedics"

2005 Participant of the 6th meeting of the club of Imlantologists of Ukraine, Odessa

2006 Seminar "Periodontology from A to Z"

2006 Participant of the second Ukrainian international congress "Dental implantology. Osteointegration", Kiev

2006 Theoretical and practical courses: "Types of anesthesia. Characteristics of anesthetics and their application"

2007 "Bone-plastic materials of xenogene origin. Their properties, Biological Aspects of Regeneration in Use", Kiev

2007 Participant of the scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of clinical periodontics", Kiev

2007 Training course "Surgical entry into ANKYLOS innovation system", Dr. Pablo Hess

2007 "A new approach to implant treatment", Dr. Marcus Abboud

2007 Participant of the Third Eastern European Conference on Dental Implant Problems, Lviv

2007 Training course "Challenges in aesthetic dentistry", the head of Dr.Sc. Nigel Saynor

2007 Participant of the 8th meeting of the Club of Implantologists of Ukraine, Odessa

2007 Lecture "Preserving teeth by pairs of odontological treatment or replacing them with implants", lecturer A. Fridman

2007 Participated in the training courses of DENTSPLY Friadent "Join the TissueCare Concept", London

2008 Participant of the theoretical and practical course "Surgical techniques of subantral augmentation", prof. Pascal Valentini, Lviv

2008 Participant of the Third Ukrainian International Congress "Dental Implantation. Osteointegration"

2008 Training course "Working with the ANKYLOS implant system. Concept and Clinical Applications", course leader Marcel Ender, Kiev

2008 Training course "Orthopedics and surgery using the ANKYLOS implant system as an example", head of Schusser T.

2008 Participant of the 9th meeting of the club of implantologists of Ukraine, Odessa

2008 Training course "ANKYLOS.Surgical and Orthopedic Protocols", head Dr. Koray Feran

2009 Participant of the Fourth Eastern European Conference on Dental Implant Problems

2009 Training course "Surgical and orthopedic protocols of the BICON system" managers Mauro Marincola, D.D.s, MsD and Vincent J. Morgan, D.M.D.

2009 Participant of the 10th meeting of the club of implantologists of Ukraine, Odessa

2009 Participant of the 3rd Pan-European Dental Congress, Kiev

2010 Participant of the First Implantology Congress in Kiev, participant of the Third International Conference "Periodontology yesterday, today, tomorrow"

2010 Participant of the Fourth International Congress "Dental Implantation. Osteointegration", Kiev

2010 Participant of the Second Congress of the Ukrainian Association of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeons, Kiev

2010 Participated in the training-practical course "Minimally invasive techniques for augmentation of the alveolar process", Dr. Jan Kielhorn, DDS, Odessa

2010 Participant of the scientific-practical conference "Modern aspects of Military Dentistry"

2011 Participant of the conference "Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Contemporary Implantology" Alpha-Bio Tec, Kiev

2011 Participant of the seminar "Unmatched aesthetics for prosthetics on implants" lecturer. Paul Weigl, DDS

2012 Participant of the Fourth International Implantology Congress, Kiev

2012 Participant of the 5th international congress "Dental implantation. Osteointegration"

2012 Participant of the International Symposium on Implantation "Implantation from the whole world on the banks of the Neva", St. Petersburg

2012 Participant of the seminar on implantation and implant prosthetics "Immediate Implantation and Immediate Loading All Pros and Cons" Paul Weigl, DDS, Odessa

2012 Advanced Implant Dentistry & Periodontics Course the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine founded by the Alpha Omega Fraternity Prof. Lior Shapira Jerusalem, Israel

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