Chmola Mykhailo Yaroslavovich

Doctor Dentist – Orthopedic

«Working in the MEDISSA dental clinic, I can do my work using the latest digital technology, excellent dental equipment, and - what I think is the most important thing - a group of similar minded physicians working together as a coherent mechanism working on the way to quality providing comprehensive dental care»

Education and Career:

2001 - graduated from the Lviv National Medical University named after. D. Galitsky

2003 - Graduated from internship in the field of Orthopedic Dentistry.

2014 - "The Philosophy of Prosthetics", lecturer: Masahito Kuvat

Symposia and master classes:

2008 - Kombinierte Zahnersatz

2008 - Modern methods of metal-free prosthetics.

2008 - Treatment in aesthetic zones. cooperation patient-doctor-dental technician. Prosthetics on implants.

2009 - The fundamentals of non-removable dental prosthetics. All about cermets.

2010 - Basic principles of occlusion and articulation for prosthetic patients with ceramic structures based on zirconium oxide with support on teeth and implants.

2011 - Accuracy and aesthetics - the path to success. Prosthesis with full crowns.

2012 - Aesthetic rehabilitation: a comprehensive orthopedic approach.

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