What is the contour plastic of the face?

Facial contour plastic is a non-surgical correction of the face shape with the help of dense natural gels (fillers).

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When there is need of contour plastic of the face?

  • Asymmetry of the face
  • Pronounced nasolabial folds
  • Smeared wrinkles
  • "Crow's feet" around the eyes
  • Unaesthetic chin shape
  • The need to correct the shape of the cheekbones

What are the advantages of contour plastics?

  • Nonsurgical method of correction of fascial oval and wrinkle removal
  • The result is visible immediately and a long period remains

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What medicines are used for contour plastics?

To correct the face oval and fill wrinkles, various medications are used both on the basis of calcium (filler Radiess) and medications based on hyaluronic acid (Juviderm, Teosial Redensiti). All drugs are approved for use in Ukraine, the United States, Asia and Russia and have established themselves as the best drugs for correcting various cosmetic deficiencies.

Medications based on hyaluronic acid are completely biologically compatible with the body. Hyaluronic acid is gradually eliminated from the body.

Medications based on calcium - activate the production of collagen, because calcium is the natural basic mineral of bone tissue. Medications based on calcium do not cause allergies and after a while they are taken out of the body on their own.

How pass the contour plastic procedure in our clinic?

At the consultation, the dermatocosmetologist will select a medication for correcting wrinkles and shaping the contour of the face, depending on the area and depth of wrinkles, skin condition. Before the procedure, the doctor applies a special anesthetic cream. With the help of a thin needle, a midication of the necessary density is injected under the skin. The result after the procedure is visible almost immediately, but finally it manifests itself within a week. The procedure takes 20-25 minutes. The effect is preserved for a long time - from 8 to 12 months. At insufficiently expressed effect, an extra injection is possible, which is done in our clinic for FREE.

How to book an appointment for a consultation?

In order to make an appointment for a free consultation with a dermatocosmetologist, call our call-center by phone in Kiev +380(44) 502-67-67

The administrator will pick up a convenient time for you and book an appointment for a FREE consultation.

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