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What is Elos Hair Removal?

Elos hair removal is hair removal, using the Elos technology.

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What is Elos technology?

ELOS (electrooptical synergy) - a combination of light and radio wave energy.

ELOS EPILATION is a universal technology, the epilation leader, developed by scientists of the company Syneron in 1999.

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How does Elos work?

The effect of electro-optical energy maximally warms the hair follicle, and the radio wave completely destroys it. As a consequence, after 4 procedures, the hair ceases to grow.

Thanks to the Elos technology, you can get rid of hair FOREVER.

What are the benefits of Elos hair removal?

  • Ideal for removing all types of hair, including the lightest (blonde hair)
  • The procedure is painless
  • A large nozzle allows you to shorten the procedure time

How long does the depilation procedure last?

The procedure lasts from 10 minutes, depending on the zone.

What apparatus is used for elos hair removal?

We use the state-of-the-art Israeli E-Light device from Syneron.

How many procedures are needed?

To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to undergo a course of up to 10 procedures with an interval of 6-7 weeks. The number of procedures depends on the area with which the hair is removed.

How is Elos hair removal provided in our clinic?

Before the procedure, the dermatocosmetologist performs a detailed examination, determines your phototype, specifies when you last sunbathed.

Directly before the procedure, a special gel is applied, which removes all painful sensations.

Then the surface of the skin is treated with a special nozzle, through which the apparatus transmits short and strong flashes of light, which destroy the structure of the hair.

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