Fedorenko Pavel

Doctor Dentist – Surgeon, Orthopedic and Parodontologist

“I'm not a workaholic. Work is my hobby, this is my free time, this is my life.”

Education and Career:

2010 - graduated from A. Bogomolets National University

2011 - graduated with honors from the Lugansk National Medical University with a degree in Surgical Dentistry.

2012 - graduated from the clinical internship at Lugansk National Medical University, specialty "Dentistry".

Full member of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine

Full member of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine

In his practice he uses PRF technology (membranes enriched with growth factors obtained from patients' own blood) to accelerate bone and soft tissue growth

He passed internship in the best private clinics in Lviv, Kiev, Donetsk, Poltava, Odessa, Cologne, Munich, Tel Aviv, Vilnius.

Symposia and master classes:

2006 - Visit to the International Dental Exhibition in London International Dental Show Case 2006

2007 - "Management and marketing in orthodontical and dental practice" course Lecturer: prof. Hans W. Seeholzer Germany

2007 - Participant of the 3 Eastern European Conference on Dental Implant Problems

2007 - Course "From single implants to complete reconstruction of the oral cavity." Lecturer: prof. Nashtatik O. (USA)

2008 - Participant of the Congress in Barcelona "3rd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PATHOLOGY"

Was a speaker of the Ukrainian delegation with the study: "Treatment of jaw fractures with plasma enriched with growth factors (PRGF)."

2008 - Course "Types of Anesthesia. Characteristics of anesthetics and features of their use. "Lecturer: Suma A.Z.

2009 - Participant of the 4th Eastern European Conference on Dental Implant Problems

2010 - Course "Modern surgical techniques for preimplantation compensation of bone tissue." Lecturer: prof. Shterenberg A. (Canada)

2011 - Course "Aesthetic all-ceramic prosthetics - the secrets of clinical skill"

2011 - Visit to the International Dental Exhibition in Cologne IDS, Cologne

2011 - Course «Applied endodontics. Practical approaches to solving daily tasks. "Lecturer: Mer I.Ya.

2011 - Course "Restoration of composite materials G-ANIAL and adhesive system G-BOND. Reinforcement of the stump of the tooth with a fiberglass pin. "Lecturer: Chepinskaya L.V.

2012 - Advanced course "Three-dimensional radiodiagnostics of the maxillofacial area." Lecturer: Rogatskin Dmitry.

2012 - Course "Accuracy and aesthetics in the case of prosthetics with full crowns." Lecturer: Nazarii Mikhailuk.

2012 - Participant of the European Congress on Periodontology EUROPERIO7 VIENNA

2012 - Course "Predicted augmentation for long-term success in implantology" Lecturer: Olaf Daum (Germany)

2012 - "System approach to augmentation of hard tissues" Lecturer: Candidate of Medical Sciences Dzyuba MV

2013 - 5th International Implantology Congress "Aesthetics and Function in Implantology."

2013 - Weekly internship for implantation in Israel, in the Rambam hospital.

2013 - Course "Soft tissue soft tissue around implants." Lecturer: prof. Algirdas Puisys.

2013 - Visit to the International Dental Exhibition in Cologne IDS, Cologne

2013 - Course on paradontology, implantology and soft tissue management. Lecturer: prof. Andre P. Saadoun. (France)

2014 - Internship and training in Vilnius with prof. Algirdas Puisys «Implantation in the aesthetic zone. Working with soft tissues. "

2014 - Two modules on "Traditional and alternative ways of obtaining connective tissue transplants" and "Elimination of gum recession." Use of FTA for microsurgical tunneling technique. "Lecturer: prof. Aram Davidyan (Russia)

2014 - Representative of the Ukrainian delegation in France at the 7th International Symposium on Growth Factors. (SYFAC 2014)

2014 - Course "Clinical use of A-PRF and I-PRF in periodontology and bone ridge augmentation." Lecturer: prof. Jouseph Choukroun. Creator of PRF technology

2015 - Participant of the 7th Eastern European Conference on Dental Implant Problems

2015 - A course on digital smile planning. Lecturer: Kovalenko A.O.

2015 - Theoretical and practical course "Advanced course in the field of bone and soft tissue regeneration" Lecturer: prof. Istvan Urban (Hungary), Director of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

2016 - Weekly training in Italy in the clinic of prof. Giulio Rasperini.

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