Generalova Kateryna Alexandrovna

Doctor Dentist - Therapist, Endodontist.

“A truly beautiful person is a healthy person.”

Education and Career:

1999 - graduated from the First Medical School, Kiev (paramedic).

2004 - graduated from the Medical Institute of the Ukrainian Association of Traditional Medicine in Kiev. Diploma of a dentist.

2005 - clinical internship at the National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets, city of Kiev. Specialization - "Therapeutic dentistry".

2010 - awarded the second qualification category for therapeutic dentistry.

2015 - awarded the first qualification category for therapeutic dentistry.

Symposia and master classes:

2006 - Fenestra "Work with modern restoration materials and equipment";

2006 - Fenestra "Modern methods of treatment of caries and its complications in children";

2007 - Fenestra "Modern endontic treatment";

2008 - Stamil "Restoring the contact point";

2008 - Profident Plus "Possibilities of modern endodontics and microsurgery";

2008 - Stamil "Obturation of the root canals";

2008 - Master-dent UDS - "Practical-theoretical seminar on periodontics and endodontics", Academy and technologies.

2009 - 3M ESPE "Metal-free microprosthetics - reliably, functionally, aesthetically. Steps to understanding. "

2009 - Fenestra "Principles of constructing aesthetic restorations"

2009 - Amerikan dental academy "Emergency care for dental pathology in the practice of a dentist";

2009 - Poltava. Autumn seminar "Modeling anterior teeth with a composite";

2009 - DentLine "Direct Composite Restorations". Composite veneers;

2010 - Olimpex LTD "Ra Cl - endodontic conception of the canal in the systems FKG (Swiss)";

2010 - DentLine "Endodontics by the rules. Subtlety and secrets ";

2010 - International dental group "Participated in course: Special guest in Endodontics. Pr. M. Solomonov ";

2010 - DentLine "Broken tools. Micro Access ";

2012 - Stamil "Modern methods of treatment of dental caries in children."

2012 - IDG "Traumatology and everyday practice", Dr.Sc. M. Solomonov

2012 - Repeated endodontic treatment. Conservative and surgical approach.

2013 - Errors in endodontic treatment. Why they happen, how to avoid or correct them.

2014 - "Belograd" Direct restoration against the indirect. Chewing group of teeth. Speaker Alexander Fetsych

2014 - "Belograd" Complex approach in dentistry from endodontics to restoration.

2014 - NMAHO Elimination of complications arising after endodontic treatment. Modern concepts of management of late complications of dental injuries. Speaker Saulius Drukteynis

2015 - Endodontics 2.0. Speaker Kulygin O.B.

2015 - Beyond dental and health "Beyond Bleaching System"

2016 - Power whitening "Providing first aid"

2016 - CLDH Dental CT in dentist practice

2016 - "Instrumentation and obturation" I. Noenko

2017 - master class "ABC of manual scaling" Perio School School of Practical Periodontology. Lecturer Oksana Tkach (Lviv)

2017 - Ukrainian Endodontic Community. Theoretical and practical course "Endodontics 3.0, related pathology"

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