Kozharin Oleksandr Mykhailovich

Doctor Dentist - Surgeon, Implantologist

Education and Career:

In 2009 he graduated from Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University.

2009-2011 There had been internship on the base of Institute of progressive stomatological technologies.

In 2012, he graduated from the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy with a degree in the specialty «Prosthetic dentistry».

In 2016, he re-specialized at the Ukrainian military medical Academy in the specialty «Prosthetic dentistry».

Professional experience since 2009 is 10 years.

Symposia and master classes:

2004 - Theoretical course - Radiology (company MORITA Japan). Lecturers prof. Hans-Goran Grondal, Massanori Mori.

2006 - Second Ukrainian International Congress «Dental Implantology, Osseointegration».

2007 - Theoretical and Practical Course - Surgical Periodontology. Lecturers: Opanasyuk I.V., Stefano Panutti.

2008 - Theoretical and practical course - Facial fillers in cosmetic dentistry. NKR in dental implantology with the use of PLC-PHC and calcium sulfates. Lecturer: Adriano Bartoli.

2008 - Disease of the oral mucosa: clinical presentation, diagnosis, patient management tactics. Lecturer: Avdonina L.I.

2008 - Theoretical seminar - Basics of orthognathic surgery. Lecturers: Drobyshev O. Yu. Slabkovskaya A.B. Drobysheva N.S. Kolodnitsky V.L.

2009 - Courses - Practical application of the Bicon implant system. TS Dental.

2010 - Theoretical course - Modern implant concepts and procedures with mini-implants Dentatus. Lecturer dr. Ziv Mazor

2010 - International Congress. Aesthetic and functional dentistry. Speakers: Enrico Steger, Dr. marton Yakubovich, Dr. Maxim Lesnuhin, Dr. Nikolay Bahurinskyi, Dr Simonas Grybauskas, Dr. Algirdas Puyshis, prof. Yuriy Peresta.

2011 - 13th World Congress of the International Academy of Periodontology.

2011 - Theoretical and practical course – «Periodontal plastic surgery for the closure of multiple recessions». Lecturers: Prof. Anton Skupean, Dr. Sofia Aroca

2011 - Theoretical course - New approaches in piezosurgery, radiology and implantology. Lecturers: Opanasyuk I.V., Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi, Stefan Girtofer, Jan Kilhorn.

2011 - Courses - Concept, Indication and Handling of ANKYLOS Implant system. Lecturers: Dr. P. Hess, Dr. B. Giesenhagen, Dr. O. Yuksel.

2011 - International Conference – «Theoretical and practical aspects of modern implantology». AlphaBio tec.

2012 - Seminar - Features of dental implantology with the Ankylos implant system. Lecturers: Yaremenko A.I., Besyakov V.R.

2012 - 3D reconstruction with insufficient bone volume. Lecturer: Dr. Martin Yakubovich.

2012 - 1st Ukrainian International Symposium quintessence - Periodontology and Restorative Dentistry. Speakers: Christian Haze, Miron Ugryn.

2013 - Plastics of soft tissues around implants. Lecturers: Algirdas Puyshis, Artem Dubnov, Mikhail Dzyuba.

2013 - Practical course - Practical course: plastics of soft tissues around implants. Lecturer: Algirdas Puyshis.

2013 - Seminar: Aesthetic management of hard and soft tissues in implantology. Lecturer: Dr. Thomas Hancer.

2013 - Master Class: Transplantation of auto-bone blocks - a biological concept. Lecturer: Dr. Thomas Hancer.

2013 - Theoretical and practical course: Surgical features of working with the dental system of implants Strauman TL / BL. Lecturer: Artem Dubnov.

2013 - Courses - Immediate implants. Concept & Complications. Lecturers: Dr. Artem Dubnov, Dr. James Ruskin.

2013 - Seminar - Features of dental implantation in various clinical situations, protocols for working with hard and soft tissues. Lecturer: Edranov S.S.

2013 - Strauman Advanced course for dentist from Ukraine. Lecturers: Dr Bruno Schmid, Jose de Sousa, Raffaele Peraro.

2013 - Theoretical seminar - Protocols of periodontal-implant treatment. Scientifically based approach. Lecturer Miroslav Solonko.

2014 - Course - Immediate life support in dentistry. Special training center

2014 - V International Symposium on Implantation. «Implantation from around the world on the banks of the Neva». Lecturers: Marius Steigmann, Howard Gluckman, Thomas Haser, Krzysztof Chmielewski, Adrei Eremenko.

2014 - Master class transplantation of autogenous bone blocks - a biological concept. Lecturer: Thomas Hanser.

2014 - The Second International Conference «Soft Tissue Aspects in Aesthetic Dentistry. Prevention of complications in periodontal and implant treatment» Lecturers: Miron Ugrin, Wojciech Bednage.

2015 - Courses – «Plastic surgery on the soft tissues of the oral cavity in an aesthetically significant area: the elimination of gum defects in the area of ​​implants» Giovanni Zucchelli

2015 - 7th Eastern European Conference on Dental Implantation Problems Lecturers: Miron Ugrin, Yaroslav Zablotsky

2015 - 3D technologies in dental implantation planning. Surgical drill guides - from theory to practice. Lecturers: Ivan Nagorniak, Maria Nevidomskaya, Oleksandr Obabko.

2015 - Conference - Soft tissue and bone augmentation in lower jaw. Lecturer: Algirdas Puisys.

2015 - Conference - The Quintessence of Periodontology and Implantology. Under the leadership of Giulio Rasperini.

2016 - Strauman Symposium in Ukraine. New approaches, opportunities and limitations in modern implantology.

2016 - Conference - Supportive treatment in periodontics. Lecturers: Tracy Lennemann, Tamara Volinskaya, Elena Matsekh, Elena Vanger

2016 - International Dental Symposium. Aesthetic and functional dentistry. Speakers: Bogdan Baldea, Ionut Branzan, Dan Ioan Lazar.

2016 - Strauman Symposium in Ukraine Lecturers: Bilal Al-Navas, Dr. Egle Vindasiute, Dr. Yevgeny Zakharenko, Dr. Artem Dubnov.

2016 - Dental implant planning with immediate loading of prosthetics. DDS-Pro and Exocad. Lecturers: Oleg Krasnozhon, Andrey Dementiev, Alexander Obabko.

2016 - Courses - Strauman. Advanced course for dentist from Ukraine. Lecturers: Dr. Bruno Schmid, Jose de Sousa.

2017 - Course - Resuscitation in a dental clinic. Special Training Center.

2017 - Congress - Ankylos Congress 2017. Supervisor Dr. Paul weigl

2017 - Interdisciplinary Congress - Perio. Ortho. Prosthetics. Lecturers: Ion Zabalegui, Inigo Gomez Bollain, Eva Berroeta.

2017 – «Prevention and treatment of periimplants»  author's course by Frank Schwartz.

2017 - Master class - Interdisciplinary treatment. Orthopedics. Lecturer Eva Berroeta

2017 - Sinus lifting. Immediate load. Tiziani Testori.

2018 - Three-day theoretical and practical course of Steigman & Zucchelli. Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Giovanni Zucchelli, Dr. Marius Steigmann.

2018 - Congress - Modern Periodontology and Implantology. Lecturer: Prof. Niklaus Lang.

2018 - Lecture - Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique. Lecturer: Ignazio Loi.

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