Martynyuk Bohdan Vasilyevich

Doctor Dentist – Orthopedic

Education and Career:

In 2004, he graduated from the Medical Institute of the Ukrainian Association of Traditional Medicine with a degree in the specialty «Dentistry».

In 2005, he graduated from the National Medical University with a degree in the specialty «Surgery Dentistry».

In 2016 he was awarded the second qualification category in the specialty «Surgical Dentistry» on the basis of the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy.

Symposia and master classes:

2010 - Theoretical course of  «Modern implantation concepts and procedures with mini-implants Dentatus» Lecturer: Dr. Ziv Mazor.

2011 - Theoretical course: «Surgical periodontology. Regenerative periodontal surgery». Opanasyuk I.V.

2012 - Theoretical course: «The use of the complex BioPak II in restorative dentistry». Lecturer dr. Robert Colt.

2013 - Theoretical course: «Using the BioPak complex for diagnosing the pathologies of the mastication organ and planning treatment using the data obtained». Lecturer: Dr. Sain Network.

2014 - Practical course: «Modern computerized 3D-X-ray diagnostics in the work of a dental surgeon». Speakers: Yu.A. Storozhchuk, A. Korinets, V. V. Burgonsky.

2015 - International Dental Congress: Aesthetic and functionary Dentistry. Speakers: Marton Yakubovich, Simonas Grybauskas, Sergey Pyaniga, Bogdan Baldea, Ionut Branzan.

2015 - Seminar: «Complete Ceramic Restorations». Speaker: Gundyak Yuri.

2015 - Planning dental implantation. Drill guides. Lecturers: Oleg Krasnozhon, Fedir Moiseiev, Oleksandr Obabko.

2016 - Lecture-practical course: «The artistic restoration of teeth: art in detail». Lecturer: Vadim Zagorodni.

2016 - Advanced Course for Dentists from Ukraine Speakers: Dr.Bruno Schmid, Jose de Sousa, Raffaele Peraro.

2017 - Master class: ABC of ceramic restorations from Ivoclar Vivadent.

2017 - ANKYLOS Congress.

2017 - Participation in the 13th MegaGen International Symposium in Tokyo. Lecturers: Dr. Kwang Bum Park, Prof. Thomas Han.

2017 - Interdisciplinary Congress: «Perio. Ortho. Prothetics». Lecturers: Ion Zabalegui, Inigo Gomez Bollain, Eva Berroeta.

2017 - Master class: «Interdisciplinary treatment. Orthopedics». Lecturer: Eva Berroeta.

2018 - Kiev - Dental Fight club. Lecture: Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique. Lecturer: Ignazio Loi.

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