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Peelings: skin renewal, rejuvenation, improvement of texture and skin color for patients of all ages and removal of post-acne scars

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure, during which the upper stratified skin layer peels off. There are many kinds of peelings and each of them solves a certain aesthetic task. Peeling can be selected for any type of skin and age of the patient.

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What are the indications for the procedure?

  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Uneven skin
  • Dull skin color
  • Post acne cars
  • Loss of skin tone

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What kind of peelings are provided at the Medissa Clinic?

  • Chemical peels
  • Enzyme peels
  • Ultrasonic peeling
  • Jet Peel peeling
  • Laser Peeling
  • Mechanical Peelings

According to the depth of impact, depending on what task the peelings need to solve:

  • Surface
  • Median
  • Deep

How does the chemical peels pass at Medissa Clinic?

1. Consultation and inspection. During the consultation, doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist will examine the patient's skin and select the kind of peeling that solves the individual problem.

2. Test for patient sensitivity to active peeling substances. The doctor dermatologist applies a small amount of peeling on the patient's forearm. If no reaction occurs after 12 hours: there is no redness, the procedure can be carried out.

3. Cleansing the skin. Before applying the active substance, the doctor cleanses the skin of the patient specially selected for skin type cosmetics.

4. Applying peeling. After applying the active substance, the doctor leaves it on the patient's skin for 2 to 10 minutes. During this stage of the procedure, the patient can feel a slight tingling.

5. Puting on of carrying cosmetics. After peeling, the doctor applies to the skin of the patient an individual uhodovoe remedy from the lines of professional premium cosmetics Declare or Jean D'Arcel, whose official distributor is the clinic Medissa.

Chemical peeling, as well as other types of peelings are most often recommended to pass the course for maximum effect. The optimal number of procedures for surface chemical peeling from 7 to 10 procedures.

What kind of peelings can be done in spring and summer?

Many peelings are considered a seasonal procedure, but in the clinic Medissa make and such peelings that are shown in any season (even in the summer)

  • Jet Peel peeling and ultrasonic peeling
  • Ferul peeling (based on ferulic acid)
  • Peeling PRX-T33
  • Lactipil (peeling based on lactic acid)
  • Almond peeling (suitable for oily skin)

What are the benefits of the peeling procedure at the Medissa Clinic?

  • The clinic employs only certified dermatologists, high-class cosmetologists who will select the peeling individually for aesthetic tasks that need to be addressed for the patient.
  • In Medissa we work with world-class brands, all peelings and devices for peeling are certified and have proven themselves in Ukraine and abroad
  • Medissa is the official distributor of premium professional cosmetics Declare, Jean D'Arcel, Juvena and during all the concomitant peeling procedures, the doctor uses these brands.

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