What is treatment under general anesthesia?

Dental treatment under general anesthesia in the clinic Medissa is the treatment of teeth in a dream, with the use of modern drugs that gently immerse a child in sleep, without consequences for the central nervous system, brain and general physical development.

How long does the treatment last?

Dental treatment under general anesthesia lasts about 90 minutes.

What are the indications for treatment under general anesthesia?

  • A large amount of work at an early age, which requires the use of local anesthesia
  • Non-contact children
  • CNS diseases in the child
  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism


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How pass the treatment?

Before treatment, the patient must pass all the necessary tests. After that, the patient's parents are advised by a qualified anesthesiologist, directly at the clinic. After the approval of the anesthetist doctor, the date of the treatment is appointed.

The young patient is immersed in a peaceful sleep. The child falls asleep immediately after the injection.

During anesthesia under the clinic, an ambulance with all the necessary equipment is on duty.

It is important that before the visit parents explain to the child what awaits him. In the form of a game, tell the child that the doctor will make him a small "vitamin injection".

After the child is plunged into sleep, the dentist will begin treatment.

The patient quickly and easily departs from anesthesia in a special room, as if the child had a sweet lunch dream. There are no side effects. Immediately after treatment, the child can go for a walk.

The advantage of treatment under general anesthesia is that all teeth can be treated in just 1 visit.

How to book an appointment for a consultation?

In order to book an appointment to the pediatric clinic Medissa in the city of Kiev, call our call center at +380(44) 502-67-77

The administrator will pick up the convient time for you and will book an appointment.

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