Why should I visit a dentist during pregnancy and lactation?

During pregnancy, the woman's body is hormonally reconstructed in order to tolerate a new organism. Hormonal restructuring causes nausea and often vomiting, increases appetite. All this leads to an increase in acidity in the oral cavity and creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria.

During pregnancy, and especially during lactation in the female body, the content of calcium is sharply reduced.

Prepare for breastfeeding in advance. Consult a dentist. He will give recommendations on nutrition, will make an individual complex of vitamins and trace elements, which will not harm either the future mother or the child.

How safe is caries treatment for pregnancy?

Caries treatment during pregnancy and lactation is both safe and necessary. During the defeat of tooth enamel, the process of infection of the body occurs. A pregnant woman or a nursing mother can, through her body, transmit problems with the oral cavity to her children.

Complications of oral diseases (pulpitis and periodontitis) lead to inflammation of the tooth pulp. Toxins from the foci of inflammation can form in the body chronic foci of infection, which is extremely undesirable for both the mother and the baby.

In addition, any painful sensations, including those with toothache, negatively affect the psychoemotional state of the pregnant woman and, as a consequence, on the development of the child.

How safe is anesthesia during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The use of anesthesia in the treatment of pregnant and lactating mothers is absolutely safe and extremely necessary, in case of treatment of deep caries, treatment of canals and other serious tooth lesions.

Modern dentistry uses anesthetics absolutely safe for both children and pregnant women. They make the treatment painless and quality. Also, thanks to the content of adrenaline in them, most of the anesthetics accumulate at the injection site, and only a small amount is absorbed into the blood. Therefore, modern anesthetics do not affect the child.

When can I start treatment?

You can begin to treat the oral cavity after 1 trimester of pregnancy. Each period of pregnancy has its own characteristics, which the dentist should pay attention to.

How is the diagnosis during pregnancy?

Modern dental diagnosis is safe in pregnancy. With x-rays, we use highly sensitive sensors and films whose X-ray radiation is 8-10 times smaller than in x-ray devices of the old generations.

During the application of X-rays, protection is used in the form of a lead apron.

Therefore, radiography in pregnant women is not only possible, but, even in difficult cases, even necessary.

Attention! Categorically forbidden during pregnancy, X-rays, in which the X-rays pass next to the baby or directly through it.

How to book an appointment for a consultation?

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