What are ceramic braces?

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Ceramic braces are non-removable orthodontic structures, which mean that during treatment it cannot be removed either during meals, or during oral hygiene, or during sleep.  It consists of staples attached to the teeth and a metal arc that passes through these staples.

Ceramic braces differ from other types of braces by the material from which the brackets are made. A special dental ceramic is a durable and aesthetic material. The prototype for ceramic braces was the material developed by NASA.

Dental ceramics has a non-porous structure, so the braces do not stain when the patient drinks coffee, black tea and smokes cigarettes.

Thanks to ceramic braces, orthodontic treatment proceeds imperceptibly to those around the patient.

What are the types of ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces may differ in color: be painted to match the teeth or transparent. The choice of color of ceramic braces depends on the initial tone of the patient's teeth. If the teeth are lightest, fully transparent staples are better suited, but if the teeth are of a normal shade, it is better to choose ceramic braces to match the teeth.

Dentist orthodontist during consultation will help to determine the type of ceramic braces individually for each patient.

How to understand whether ceramic braces are suitable for you?

Before choosing an orthodontic treatment, it is important to study all the aspects of your situation.  If you install ceramic braces, you should consider the following:

  • Treatment with ceramic braces takes a little longer than with metal braces.
  • It is necessary to avoid hard and sticky products, so as not to damage the braces.
  • The price of ceramic braces in Kiev is higher than metal. If you have a limited budget, you can install ceramic braces on the upper jaw and metal brackets on the lower jaw. Such a compromise is possible only after the conclusion of the orthodontist.

How do ceramic braces differ from Invisalign cap?

Ceramic or white braces are aesthetic orthodontic structures, but they are still different from cap-invisible.  Ceramic braces are connected by a metal staples. Invisalign aligners are fully transparent, without any metal parts. But these caps are not suitable for all patients and its price is higher. 

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What are the advantages of ceramic braces?

  • Ceramic braces are comfortable to use, it do not irritate the gums.
  • This type of braces is quite durable. Ceramic braces are rarely chipped and do not change color under the influence of coloring products such as wine, black tea, coffee, beets, etc.
  • Due to the fact that the material of the braces will maximally repeat the color of the patient's teeth, the using of ceramic braces is invisible. This type of treatment is often chosen by adults and adolescents.

How the treatment of ceramic braces is going on at the clinic Medissa?

Consultation and examination in the clinic. During the first visit, the doctor will examine the patient and decide on the installation of ceramic braces to the patient. If the indications for treatment and the patient's desire coincide, the doctor takes a virtual picture of the patient's jaws by 3D scanning technology. This procedure is fast and comfortable. The digital model of the jaws is sent to the dental laboratory, where the technician makes braces individually for the patient's jaw. The doctor takes a photo of the patient before treatment to see and clearly show the patient the progress and result of treatment.

Before installing braces. Before starting orthodontic treatment, the patient comes to the dentist- therapist to make sure that the oral cavity is healthy. When braces are installed, it is impossible to treat diseased teeth without removing the braces. To avoid such situations, the dentist- therapist removes all caries prior to the installation of braces. Immediately before the installation of braces, the dentist therapist makes the patient a professional cleaning of teeth and only after that ceramic braces are installed on healthy clean teeth.

Installation of braces. Ceramic braces are installed on the teeth. The orthodontist assigns a schedule of visits to the patient.  Regular examinations in the clinic are an integral and important part of orthodontic treatment. During them, the doctor controls the dynamics of treatment and corrects braces for bite changes.

How to sign up for a consultation?

If you want to sign up for a consultation to the orthodontist, you should call our call-center by phone in Kiev (044) 502-67-67 or (044) 502-67-77.

The administrator will select the time convenient for you and write to the consultation.

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