Laser facial hair removal by apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum

First of all, when we meet a person, we pay attention to his face. Sometimes, unwanted facial hair can not only spoil the overall impression of the person, but also spoil the appearance of the person as a whole.

Most of the discomfort «extra» facial hair is delivered to women who due to using hair removal try to make their facial features better: visually change the shape of the forehead, make the look more expressive, and so on. In this difficult matter, laser hair removal of the face comes to the rescue, in particular, forehead hair removal. Laser facial hair removal of men is an opportunity to forget about everyday shaving and always look well-groomed.

Clinic Medissa in Kiev presents a unique technology of hair removal with an innovative laser - Alma Soprano Ice Platinum.

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What is laser facial hair removal by Alma Soprano Ice Platinum?

Previously, procedures for removing hair of the face, for example, hair removal of the forehead, had a number of limitations. Israeli apparatus Soprano Ice Platinum is a revolutionary new product among epilation lasers, thanks to which, the standard limitations of laser epilation are a thing of the past. The technology combines the power of three waves of different lengths, which allows the laser to safely destroy the hair from the base to the outer part.

The device heats the necessary area with hairs to a temperature at which the hair, along with the hair follicle, breaks down. Lasers of the old type impacted the follicle with a single superpulse impulse, so the risk to touch and damage the skin had appeared. But such a sad scenario is excluded thank to the apparatus Soprano. Now laser hair removal of eyebrows and other sensitive areas has become the most comfortable.

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What are the advantages of laser facial hair removal by apparatus of our clinic?

  • The apparatus allows you to get rid of hairs of different types, suitable for any skin.
  • Tanned skin is not a contraindication. It is much easier to get rid of hair, not limiting yourself from the defile in a swimsuit in the summer.
  • The procedure is absolutely painless and comfortable, even on the face, where outdated lasers remove hair quite painfully. Now laser removal of eyebrows is quite a pleasant and effective procedure.
  • The laser destroys the hair on the entire treated surface, leaving no gaps.
  • Speed of operation. The procedure of getting rid of facial hair lasts no more than 10 minutes.
  • Safety is 100%. It has no rehabilitation period.
  • The laser will destroy the hair follicle forever if you do this procedure regular.

How many procedures are necessary to achieve the result?

The result will be after 1 laser hair removal procedure. Hair will become weaker and thinner in the area affected by the laser. On average, you need about 8 procedures to get a good and stable result, the required interval is about 5 weeks between procedures.

If you want to get rid of the hair forever, you will need to increase the number of procedures and intervals between procedures up to 3 months. Specialists of our clinic will prescribe the best course of procedures, paying special attention to the individual characteristics and wishes of each patient.

IMPORTANT! A face is a hormonal zone, therefore, it will take time, patience and, possibly, additional therapy to get rid of facial hair. Unfortunately, laser hair removal of the antennae in women is no exception. However, laser hair removal by Soprano Ice Platinum helps to significantly reduce hair growth in the face area and significantly increase the intervals between hair removal. Due to laser hair removal by our new laser machine, patients have no problems with ingrown hair and the appearance of stiff bristles that occur when we have shaving and waxing hair removal.

What are the contraindications to laser facial hair removal?

Contraindications are listed below:

  • herpes in the active stage;
  • diabetes;
  • oncological disease;
  • other diseases in the acute stage (there is a need for prior consultation with a doctor and a specialist of our clinic).

It is impossible to carry out this procedure during pregnancy and lactation period.

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What are the indications for laser facial hair removal?

The procedure is indicated for both men and women. Most often, women are interested in laser hair removal of the upper lip, as the extra hairs in this area significantly damage the appearance and cause discomfort. There are such procedures as:

  • Hair removal of the temples.
  • Hair removal of the chin.

A popular procedure among men is hair removal of the growth zone of a beard in men and epilation in the nose.

What is the price of facial hair removal by the apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum?

Prices of laser hair removal of the whole body and face are presented on the website of our clinic in the PRICES section. You can quickly sign up online for a laser hair removal procedure on the site.

The laser hair removal procedure on the Soprano Ice Platinum is safe and allowed from the age of 14. In the Medissa underage patients can visit the clinic for the first time, accompanied by one of the parents. During the first visit, the parents sign an informational agreement on the procedure, and then the young patient can visit the clinic independently.

You can read patient reviews about the procedure in the REVIEWS section on the website, as well as on our official pages in social networks.

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