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What is Endospheres Therapy Face?

Endospheres Therapy Face is a non-invasive method of rejuvenating and correcting facial contours with the help of the unique Italian apparatus of the Endosphere.

The Endosphere completely, biologically, performs a task that until now was entrusted only to invasive methods of rejuvenation.

The apparatus of the Endosphere has two nozzles: one works with the body, the other with the face. The nozzle, which works with the face, also consists of special non-allergenic massage spheres.

How does Endospheres Therapy Face work?

The basis of the action of the Endospheres Therapy Face is compression microvibration. It acts on the tissue exactly at the point of skin loss of tone. Microvibration improves blood circulation in skin tissue. This increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients. So, this process stimulates the natural production of «proteins of youth», such as collagen and elastin. The overall quality and color of the skin are improved.

Compression microvibration also stimulates the receptors of facial muscles.

This relieves muscle tension, and due to this it smoothes wrinkles.

The Endosphere increases the thickness of muscle tissue, improves the structure of the facial contours, smoothing the underlying eye muscles and tightening the supporting structures.

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When is Endospheres Therapy Face indicated?

  • Age-related changes of the skin of the face, neck and decollete
  • Wrinkles on the forehead
  • Puffiness of underlying eye muscles
  • «Goose feet» - wrinkles in the periorbital zone
  • The desire to improve the structure of the facial contours: adjust the shape of the lips, raise the cheekbones

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What are the advantages of the procedure Endospheres Therapy Face?

  • Non-invasive, effective rejuvenation method
  • Stimulates natural skin regeneration processes
  • Has no side effects
  • The effect is visible after 1-st procedure
  • The procedure can be repeated
  • The procedure is comfortable and painless
  • Endosphere therapy is done in any season, even in summer, during the period of active sun

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How is the procedure performed at the Medissa clinic?

At the consultation, the doctor determines the indications for the procedure. 

Before the procedure, the patient's skin should be clean, without makeup

The doctor sets up individual settings on the apparatus and proceeds to a face and neck massage. The procedure is comfortable and lasts only 45-60 minutes. During the procedure, the patient is immersed in a state of deep relaxation.

After the session, for a short time, a slight redness and a feeling of warmth on the skin may appear in the patient.

The effect of the tightened skin is visible already after the first procedure. However, if you want to achieve the desired result, you need to make a course of procedures that the doctor determines individually, based on yours aesthetic objectives.

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What are the contraindications to the procedure Endospheres Therapy Face?

Contraindications for the Endospheres Therapy Face are minimal. There are oncology, thrombophlebitis, dermatitis and skin diseases, viral infection, pregnancy (up to 7 months).

Additional questions: the price of the Endospheres Therapy Face in Kiev, effectiveness and other features of the procedure, you can ask the administrators of the clinic by phone: (044) 502 67 67 and sign up for a free consultation right now.

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