What is aesthetic restoration of teeth?

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Aesthetic restoration of teeth - is the correction of aesthetic drawbacks of the dentition.

What kind of aesthetic restoration of teeth is carried out in our clinic?

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  • Veneers
  • Ceramic inlays and ceramic crowns

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin plates made of ceramic or composite material, which are fixed on the outer surface of the teeth.

The main function of veneers is alignment of the dentition and color correction. Also veneers are proposed in cases of different forms of teeth, chips, and with other aesthetic drawbacks. Veneers can be installed as a single tooth, and the entire "smile zone".

What kinds of veneers exist?

  • lumineers - ultra-thin ceramic veneers with a thickness of 0.3 mm, which are installed without extensive drilling and anesthesia, are resistant to microcracks. Popular thanks to aesthetics and gentle installation
  • porcelain veneers - a plate thickness of 0.3-0.7 mm, made of ceramics. Easily manufactured and installed. Ceramic veneers practically do not accumulate plaque.
  • composite veneers - plates, which are used to correct one or two teeth, have a highly aesthetic appearance. The huge advantage of composite veneers is that when they are installed, not the whole tooth is processed, but only the area that needs to be corrected by color or shape. Composite veneers are installed in just one visit to the dentist-orthopedist.

When are the veneers proposed?

  • Gaps between teeth, cracks
  • Curvature of the tooth shape
  • Cracks, chips of different sizes
  • Different front teeth
  • Darkening of enamel, discoloration of seals, stains

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What are ceramic inlays?

Ceramic inlays (ceramic crowns) are inserts that replace a tooth lost by more than a third, which has still retained its vitality. Color and texture - identical to real teeth. They have an impeccable look, do not change their color with time. If the tooth base is preserved, replace the crown. Retain the anatomical shape of the tooth.

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How is the treatment in our clinic?

During the consultation, the orthopedic doctor conducts a detailed examination of the oral cavity.

Composite veneers can be installed at one time, with a special glue.

Before the installation of the veneers, the dentist orthopedic sharpens the tooth, take the teethprints, which is SENT TO THE CLINIC'S OWN LABORATORY. Thus, work is monitored at all stages.

For the time being the veneer is made the doctor sets up a temporary veneer, which allows us to wait for the veneer to be made without sacrificing the aesthetics of the smile.

After manufacturing, the veneer is fixed to the tooth.

When are the need of ceramic inlays?

  • Restoration of teeth is necessary
  • Used as anernative to fillings, due to its strength

How to book an appointment for a consultation?

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