Treatment of children's caries: healthy baby teeth - healthy permanent teeth

Children's caries - is the destruction of the tissues of the child's tooth and the infectious process in the body. The defeat of the milk teeth leads not only to their loss, but also to the damage to the rudiments of the child's permanent teeth, which will necessarily affect the health of the oral cavity in the future. In the clinic Medissa we treat all kinds of children's caries on dairy and permanent teeth.

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Caries spreads very quickly. Caries in 1,5 - 3 years is observed in 15-18% of children. By 18 years, this figure is increasing to 98%.

The price of doubts "to treat or not" tooth decay of dental teeth - spoiled permanent teeth and problems with the health of the child in the future.

What causes children's caries?

  • Bad home hygiene of the oral cavity. The main reason for the formation of caries is plaque. He appears on his teeth already six hours after the child brushed his teeth. Often children brush their teeth insufficiently carefully or incorrectly. In Medissa conduct oral hygiene lessons for children and parents, where they teach how to properly brush their teeth, how to choose a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Drinking sweet drinks at night. The so-called "bottle caries". The habit of the child to fall asleep with a bottle in the mouth leads to tooth decay. Sweet drink contains glucose, which is food for bacteria. Doctors of Medissa recommend rinsing your mouth with usual drinking water after each intake of sweet drink (compotes, juices, milk, mixtures) to avoid such consequences as "bottle caries".
  • Taking medication by mom during pregnancy. Caries of milk teeth is often associated with the fact that during the development of the fetus the pregnant woman was forced to take certain medications.
  • Unbalanced nutrition. The lack of minerals and trace elements in the diet and vice versa, an overabundance of carbohydrate foods containing acids and dyes provokes caries in children.
  • Прием лекарств мамой во время беременности. Кариес молочных зубов часто связан с тем, что в период развития плода беременная была вынуждена принимать определенные лекарственные препараты.
  • Несбалансированное питание. Недостаток минералов и микроэлементов в диете и наоборот, переизбыток углеводной пищи, содержащей кислоты и красители провоцирует кариес у детей. 

What stages of caries development in children are treated in the clinic Medissa?

Caries in children at the stain stage. The child does not experience any unpleasant sensations and does not complain of pain, but parents can easily see the dark or light spots on the teeth. Treatment of caries in children at this stage will be very quick and painless.

Superficial caries on the enamel appear roughness, the child may experience unpleasant sensations.

Medium caries - the formation of a carious cavity.

Deep caries - Carious cavity increases, touching it causes pain.

The stage of complications - this stage can lead to the loss of the tooth.

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What materials fill children's teeth in the clinic Medissa?

Children's seals in the clinic Medissa consist only of glass-ionomer materials, which are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for children. Thanks to the fluorine content, they strengthen the enamel.

How is caries treated in children in the clinic Medissa?

  1. Inspection and consultation. At the consultation, the children's dentist will determine the degree of caries development and choose the method of treatment. For the treatment of caries on the spot, it will be sufficient to remineralize with a special solution. On the surface, middle and deep stages of caries, the carious cavity is processed and then sealed.
  2. Treatment in a game form. Children's dentists of the clinic conduct treatment as quickly as possible, distract the child by talking. During the treatment, the baby looks at the favorite cartoon on the big screen.
  3. A gift for courage. After the treatment, each child must receive a gift for courage.

What are the advantages of treatment in pediatric dentistry Medissa?

In Medissa we work on the most modern equipment and only with the best quality materials.

Each young patient receives a gift after each appointment with a doctor.

The presence of a game room with an x-box prefix will provide the child with a comfortable pastime in the clinic.

Medissa is one of the few specialized children's dentistry in the city of Kiev.

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