Restoration of teeth in children: restoration of the crown part of the milk tooth

Restoration of baby teeth is most often necessary because of trauma or caries, which was not treated in time and destroyed the tooth. Despite the fact that the milk teeth are replaced by the constant, restoration is very important.

Why is restoration of baby teeth necessary?

  • The absence of one or several milk teeth before their natural replacement may cause the development of an incorrect bite of the child
  • The presence of all milk teeth in the child's mouth contributes to the development of the right diction for children
  • Lack of teeth can adversely affect the quality of life of the child, causing psychological or functional (the inability to properly chew food) discomfort

How pass the restoration of milk teeth in the clinic Medissa?

  • Consultation and inspection. At the consultation, the doctor examines a small patient and assesses the degree of destruction of the tooth or teeth.
  • Restoration of dental teeth by tabs. The tabs are made of a special reflective material and as a result, the restored tooth looks as natural as possible. Restoration of teeth by tabs occurs for one visit. If the child needs to make a large amount of restorations and the child is not contacting Medissa doctors recommend treatment under general anesthesia (link to the article on the site: treatment of children under general anesthesia)
  • A gift for courage. After treatment, a young patient receives a gift for showing courage.

What are the advantages of restoration of milk teeth in the clinic Medissa?

  • In Medissa, the teeth are restored for 1 visit.
  • In Medissa, even the teeth that were destroyed to the base are restored, they solve the most complex clinical problems.
  • All materials used for the highest quality restorations. After the restoration, the new tooth can not be distinguished from what the child gave nature.
  • In Medissa there are certified children's dentists who find an individual approach to all babies.
  • Bright equipment and an office will help the child feel comfortable and relaxed during the visit.
  • In Medissa there is a large playing room with an x-box, where children are never bored.
Korinchuk Alla
Chief physician of the Medissa-Podil clinic. Doctor Dentist - Therapist, Endodontist. Doctor - Pediatric Dentist.

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