What are metal braces?

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Metal braces are structures made of a metal arc and metal braces that change the position of the teeth.

Metal braces, like other types of braces, are used to treat malocclusion.

What are the indications for the installation of metal braces?     

  • Malocclusion in children from 12 years
  • Malocclusion in adults
  • Curvature of one or more teeth

How long do you have to use metal braces?

Metal braces are used on average 1-1.5 years. Treatment is individual and depends on many factors, including heredity. Braces are removed only when the doctor and the patient are satisfied with the result.

How do metal braces differ from ceramic and sapphire braces?

Functionally, metal braces do not differ from sapphire and ceramic braces. Metal braces are more visible on the teeth and lose in aesthetics, but they are more practical. Staples do not darken and do not cleave, so they do not need to be changed. Metal braces with elastic bands to some extent solve the issue of aesthetics, especially when installed to a child or teenager. Metal braces with colored rubber bands in the trend of teenagers.

You can attach metal braces with mini-brackets, which are not as visible on the teeth as the previous model, in the clinic Medissa.

What is the cost of metal braces?

Among the fixed orthodontic structures metal braces are the most affordable. In our clinic, you can install a metal bracket system for 12 500 UAH.

The result of treatment is 90% dependent on the knowledge and skills of the dentist orthodontist.  The price of metal and other types of braces in different clinics may vary. The cost of installation includes the work and knowledge of the doctor. You might trust your health professionals.

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How the metal braces are installed in the clinic Medissa?

1. Consultation. At the consultation, the orthodontist conducts a detailed examination and diagnosis of the oral cavity.  We use the most modern method of dental diagnostics – 3D scanning of teeth. The doctor takes a virtual impression of the jaws without discomfort for the patient.  Then we send the 3D model to the laboratory. The design is made within a week.  During the first visit, the doctor takes a photo.

2. Preparing for installation. Before installing braces, the patient should come to the dentist-therapist.  He makes sure that all the teeth are healthy. If it is necessary, he removes caries.  Also, before installing metal braces, the dentist-therapist makes the patient a professional cleaning of teeth. As the metal braces are fixed structure, the treatment of caries after installation will be problematic.

3. Braces are installed on the outer surface of the teeth. The doctor attaches the bracket system to the patient's teeth and makes a schedule of visits to monitor treatment.

How to sign up for a consultation?

If you want to sign up for a consultation to the orthodontist, you should call our call-center by phone in Kiev (044) 502-67-67 or (044) 502-67-77.

The administrator will select the time convenient for you and write to the consultation.

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