What are ceramic crowns?

Ceramic crowns and ceramic inlays are made of dental ceramics.  Ceramic crowns are ideal for the restoration of the front teeth. It is translucent and look like natural teeth.

Ceramics does not cause allergies and is well received by the body.

What are ceramic inlays?

Ceramic inlays are the restoration of a severely damaged tooth with the help of dental ceramic. Adjacent teeth do not grinded when a ceramic inlay put. The ceramic inlay can repair the damaged tooth with the remaining one or more walls.

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic crowns and ceramic inlays

Ceramic inlays and ceramic crowns are considered to be the most aesthetic restorations in dentistry, besides veneers and luminaires. Ceramic inlays and ceramic crowns are painted in the color of adjacent teeth, so it do not differ from the teeth in the patient's oral cavity.

However, ceramic inlays and crowns are not as durable as metal ceramics. However, with proper care ceramic crown and ceramic inlays will last 10-15 years. Proper care involves careful home hygiene and visits to the dentist for professional cleaning at least every six months.

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What are the advantages of installation of ceramic inlays and ceramic crowns in the clinic Medissa?

  • There are dentists who constantly improve their professional skills at international and Ukrainian courses and seminars. 
  • The highest quality materials for ceramic restorations.
  • The use of modern technology in the work. There is 3D scanning technology of the oral cavity on the device 3DShape, which removes the «virtual impression» as comfortable as possible for the patient and accurately for the doctor and dental technician.
  • Own dental laboratory in the building of the clinic provides the dentist and the technician with constant communication and control at all stages of the production work. We always deliver on time.
  • Making of treatment plan. The patient knows how much time and money will be spent on treatment before the start of treatment.
  • The client-manager of the clinic is in touch with the patient during working hours and is ready to answer all questions related to treatment.

What are better ceramic crowns or ceramic inlays on teeth?

The dentist decides on the consultation what treatment option is suitable in the individual case.

How much does it cost to install ceramic inlays or crowns?

Ceramic crowns are more expensive than metal ceramic, because of the cost of the material and the installation features. In our clinic, the cost of a ceramic crown include the installation is 17 000 UAH.

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How to sign up for a consultation?

If you want to sign up for a consultation to the orthopedic dentist, you should call our call-center by phone in Kiev (044) 502-67-67 or (044) 502-67-77.

The administrator will select the time convenient for you and write to the consultation.

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