Яна Цибульская 14.11.2018
Важно что бы не только лицо, волосы и руки были ухожены. А и ножки. О них спокойно могут позаботиться за тебя в Медиссе. Просто доверься мастерам своего дела. Что нужно? Всего несколько процедур лазерной эпиляции и самое важное - БЕЗБОЛЕЗНЕННЫХ! Только в этой клинике есть новый аппарат, при котором ты чувствуешь вместо боли тепло, максимум что чувствуется - покалывания, как будто ножку засидел. Твои ножки будут гладенькие и тебя не подведут. А ещё в этой невероятной студии столько услуг, влюблена. Доверяю себя профессионалам Медисса. Попробовала на себе и вам советую! Read all reviews

Laser cosmetology

  • Laser CO2 resurfacings. Thanks to this unique technology, skin rejuvenation with a result of minus 10 years is available!
  • Technology of skin rejuvenation Elos (Elos rejuvenation). In addition to being able to easily eliminate age-related changes in the skin, such as wrinkles and pigment spots, Elos is also great for treating acne

Hardware cosmetology

  • Microcurrents
  • Microresurfacing
  • Hardware Peeling Jet Peel

Injection techniques

  • Botox and Disport
  • Mesotherapy
  • Plasmolifting
  • Biorevitalization
  • Contour plastic of face, lips and nose

Cosmetology aesthetics of the body

  • Lymphodermal and anti-cellulite massage
  • Wraps
  • Hardware anti-cellulite massage with Vela Smooth
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Treatment of ingrown nail
  • Epilation on the apparatus of Elos. Removes even the most blond hair by ripping the follicle from the inside, helps to get rid of hair forever

All types of removal of benign neoplasms

  • Surgical removal of neoplasms
  • Thermocoagulation

Author's massage

Author's massage is a manual massage of the face, décolleté and cervico-collar zones with the use of the JEAN D'ARCEL and DECLARE collection. This care is carried out by a professional cosmetologist in several stages, and lasts for two hours.

For us, beauty and health are unrelated concepts.

In our clinic, we do everything to ensure that the patient regained confidence and fell in love with himself.

We work only with the newest technologies and only on the most advanced equipment. All drugs that are used in our clinic have been certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and can guarantee 100% results and safety.

In our work, we use only professional cosmetics of world brands of high class Jean D'Arcel, Declare and Hempz.

In the Medissa underage patients can visit the clinic for the first time, accompanied by one of the parents. During the first visit, the parents sign an informational agreement on the procedure, and then the young patient can visit the clinic independently.

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