Laser hair removal bikini line by the apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum

The bikini area is a delicate area where the delicate skin is prone to irritation. Any kind of depilation in the bikini area is painful, can cause a rash, and to achieve a perfect shave in this area is almost impossible. But what if you want to feel like a «Queen of bikini» every day?

Clinic Medissa in Kiev represents a revolution in laser hair removal - Alma Soprano Ice Platinum laser. Hair removal bikini line entirely or separately by zones, for example, pubic hair removal, has never been so easy, fast and most importantly painless.  

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How does the next generation laser work?

Alma Soprano Ice Platinum – is the first technology in the world that combines the power of such three waves as: neodymium, diode and alexandrite. These waves destroy the hairs permanently, without damaging the skin.

The developed laser technology, in contact with the desired area and gradually increasing the temperature, destroys the hair, affecting immediately its three main parts. Lasers of previous generations destroyed the hair using pulses, so there was a high probability of getting burned. Thus, laser hair removal has become several levels safer, and such a delicate problem as removal of pubic hair forever, has ceased to be a problem at all.

Due to the unique design, laser hair removal has become safer, more comfortable and more effective.

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What are the advantages of laser hair removal bikini line by apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum?

  • Due to its innovative technology, the laser works perfectly with any type of skin, even tanned skin will not interfere with the procedure. From now on, there is no need to wait for the best times for the procedure.
  • This technology destroys hair of any color, density, including fluffy hair.
  • The laser removes hair completely painlessly even in the bikini line.
  • The procedure is comfortable thanks to a special nozzle that cools the skin while the apparatus is working, which is very important! For this reason, the previously «frightening» laser hair removal of an extra bikini line will no longer cause any discomfort.
  • Laser hair removal bikini line – is very fast procedure. The patient will spend in the doctor's workplace no more than 20-30 minutes. The procedure can be performed at lunchtime.
  • The apparatus works by covering all the hair in the selected area of ​​the body. It does not miss a single hair, preventing the appearance of the effect of «zebra».
  • After the laser there are no redness and traces. There is no need to worry about the period of rehabilitation.
  • The laser apparatus has all the necessary certificates that confirm its quality and safety, both in Ukraine and around the world.

How many procedures need to be done to get a stable result?

The first result is already visible after the first procedure of laser hair removal bikini line by the apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum. Hair will not grow as actively, its structure will be weaker, hair will gradually thin with each procedure. Regardless of the time of year, hair removal deep bikini line will bring a visible effect, without a negative impact on the quality of the skin.

In total, it is necessary to complete a course of about 8 procedures of hair removal bikini line to achieve a stable and long-lasting result. We recommend that the intervals between treatments be about 6 weeks.

If the patient has a goal to get rid of hair in the bikini area forever, the course of procedures will need to be renewed individually with an interval of 3-4 months. The specialists of our clinic are always ready to provide high-quality advice, selection of an individual course for the client to ensure the fastest and lasting effect.

IMPORTANT! Bikini zone is hormonal zone of hair growth on the body. Hair removal deep bikini line is one of the most popular procedures, both among women and men. However, prior to hair removal is necessary to consult an appropriate specialist. You may need more procedures to remove hair forever than in other areas, such as on the leg. But, with each procedure, the hair will thin, it will become smaller, and hair removal bikini line will have to be done less and less often until the complete disappearance of unwanted hair.

What are the contraindications to laser hair removal bikini line?

The list of contraindications to the procedure of laser hair removal bikini line has the following items:

  • herpes in the active phase;
  • diabetes;
  • oncological disease;
  • other diseases in the acute stage.

Pregnancy and lactation period also belong to the list of contraindications.

Before the procedure, you should consult with experts.

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What is the price of laser hair removal bikini line by the apparatus in our clinic?

The cost of laser hair removal bikini line you can see at the page PRICES. Also on the site you can quickly sign up for the procedure online.  

The laser hair removal procedure on the Soprano Ice Platinum is safe and allowed from the age of 14. In the Medissa underage patients can visit the clinic for the first time, accompanied by one of the parents. During the first visit, the parents sign an informational agreement on the procedure, and then the young patient can visit the clinic independently.

You can read patient reviews about the procedure in the REVIEW section on the website, as well as on our official pages on social networks.

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