Surgery in dentistry: removal of teeth of any complexity

Dental extraction is a serious manipulation. Removal should be performed only by a dentist doctor.

In the Medissa clinic, teeth are removed of any complexity, including the removal of eights or "wisdom teeth".

How does the removal of teeth in the Medissa clinic?

  1. Inspection and consultation.
  2. Digital diagnostics. Before removing, a digital panoramic shoot of jaw is taken, so that the doctor can see the full picture: the condition of the bone, the location of the roots of the tooth.
  3. According to the indications, the patient is given a certain kind of anesthesia: local, sedation or general anesthesia, in the case of a large operation, when teeth are removed at a time and implants are installed.
  4. Removal. Removal passes quickly, but qualitatively. The doctor carefully and accurately extracts the tooth and its roots from the oral cavity.
  5. If necessary, a seam is applied. Remove the seam is not necessary, it will resolve itself.
  6. Control visit. After removal the doctor will appoint a control visit and make sure that everything is in order.

Surgical department services

In addition to tooth extraction, the surgical department of the clinic conducts implantation of the teeth and large single-stage operations, when removal, installation of implants and prosthetics occur in one visit. Also, dentists surgeons perform plastic frenulum for children.

Removing "wisdom teeth" is one of the most sought amoungt manipulations in surgical dentistry. To delete the eight is better right after their eruption, after all they very quickly spoil and infect adjacent teeth. In addition, the removal of eights is a common practice during orthodontic treatment.

What are the advantages of the surgical department of the Medissa clinic?

In  the Medissa clinic only certified dentists-surgeons work, who constantly sharpen their skills at international seminars and courses.

High-precision digital diagnostics on modern equipment in the Medissa clinic allows doctors to maximally predict the result of their manipulations.

In the Medissa clinic they work with Planmeca equipment - the world standard of dental equipment.

In the Medissa clinic, tooth extraction of any complexity is performed.

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