What are lingual braces?

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If the patient wants straight teeth, but does not want to use visible braces on the teeth, treatment with lingual braces can be a solution to the problem.

Lingual braces are orthodontic structures that are attached to the inside of the jaw. Traditional braces are installed on the outer part of the teeth, and they are visible in the smile zone. Lingual braces are invisible braces. You can notice them only if you literally «look into the mouth» of the patient. Lingual braces are also called «invisible braces» or «internal braces». 

Internal braces can be correctly installed only by an orthodontist dentist who has experienced special training. In clinic Medissa all orthodontists have learned to install lingual braces and successfully practice such treatment on their patients.

The main features of lingual braces

  • Invisible braces are prescribed only by an orthodontist after examination of the patient. Not everyone have indications to use lingual braces. For example, for the installation of internal braces, the teeth must be of sufficient length to be able to fix the shackles on the inside. Therefore, lingual braces are not installed for children.
  • Lingual braces can make some discomfort for the patient: slightly distort the speech and be felt in the oral cavity, as the braces touch the tongue. A few weeks after the installation, the patient adapts to the internal braces and the discomfort will pass.
  • The patient with lingual braces should be very careful about home hygiene. You should know than to clean teeth with internal braces is harder than with external ones.

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How are lingual braces installed in the clinic Medissa?

1. Consultation and inspection. At the consultation, the orthodontist will examine the patient and decide whether the treatment with lingual braces is suitable for the patient. If the patient is shown internal braces, the orthodontist will take a virtual picture using 3D scanning technology, take a photo of the patient in profile and full face. Photo before treatment is done so that the doctor and patient can see the progress and result of treatment.

2. Production of braces. A virtual picture of the jaws is sent to the laboratory, where lingual braces are made individually for the patient.

3. Treatment before installation. Before you install braces, orthodontist directs the patient to the dentist therapist to make sure that the oral cavity is healthy, and make a professional cleaning of teeth.

4. Installation of braces. When the oral cavity is healthy and clean, the orthodontists attach lingual braces on the inside of the teeth. Then the doctor gives recommendations for the care of braces and assigns a schedule of next visits to the clinic.

5. Visits to the doctor at the clinic. Throughout the treatment, the patient periodically comes to the doctor for examination and correction. The teeth will move in the right direction and the doctor needs to adjust the braces to the changes.

6. Removal of braces. From the moment of installation to removal of braces, on average, it takes from 12 to 18 months. After removing the braces, the doctor takes a photo of the patient and shows the patient two photos, before and after treatment with lingual braces, to demonstrate the effect of treatment.

How to sign up for a consultation?

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