What are sapphire braces?

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Sapphire braces are a kind of aesthetic orthodontic designs. Sapphire braces are almost invisible on the teeth. These braces are made of artificial sapphire.

Staples of sapphire braces are transparent and pass light, so they are almost invisible. You will notice the tooth itself rather than the braces on it.

What are the advantages of sapphire braces?

  • Sapphire transparent braces are popular among patients because it makes the treatment invisible to others. The patient can smile freely during the treatment. 
  • Sapphire braces have a smooth surface. They do not scratch the oral mucosa. Using them is not only beautiful, but it is also comfortable.

How long the treatment of the malocclusion of the sapphire braces does last?

The term of treatment is individual. On average, treatment with sapphire braces takes from 1 to 1.5 years. After treatment with braces, the orthodontist may prescribe using aligners to secure the result.  Aligners are transparent caps that can be easily removed during eating and brushing. Aligners are used for 2-6 months.

What are the disadvantages of sapphire braces?

  • The price of sapphire braces is slightly higher compared to other types of braces.
  • Treatment may take longer than treatment with metal braces.

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How the treatment of sapphire braces is going on at the clinic Medissa?

First visit. During the first visit, the doctor will examine the patient and decide what treatment to choose. Then the orthodontist will take a virtual picture of the patient's jaws using a 3D scanner. The digital model of the patient's jaws will sent to the laboratory, where the technician will make sapphire braces based on it. The doctor will take a photo of the patient before treatment to see and clearly show the patient the progress and result of treatment.

Preparation for treatment. Before starting orthodontic treatment, the patient comes to the dentist -therapist to make sure that the oral cavity is healthy. After the installation of braces, it will be impossible to treat the teeth without removing the braces.  Immediately before the installation of braces dentist therapist makes the patient a professional cleaning of teeth.

Installation of braces. Sapphire braces are attached on the patient's teeth. The doctor prescribes a schedule of visits. The patient will regularly come to the orthodontist, so that the doctor can monitor the dynamics of treatment and adjust the braces for changes of malocclusion.

How to sign up for a consultation?

If you want to sign up for a consultation to the orthodontist, you should call our call-center by phone in Kiev (044) 502-67-67 or (044) 502-67-77.

The administrator will select the time convenient for you and write to the consultation. Patient's reviews about the procedure can be found in the REVIEWS section on the website, as well as on our official pages in social networks.

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