What is caries?

Caries is the destruction of hard tooth tissues, which is due to the washing out of minerals that form enamel.

What causes caries?

  • Improper hygiene of the oral cavity
  • Heredity
  • Nutrition (insufficient intake of proteins, vitamins, fluoride and various trace elements into the body, consumption of large amounts of sugar)
  • The composition and properties of saliva

What is the prevention of tooth decay?

Prevention of caries is home care of teeth and professional hygiene at least every six months. In our clinic is carried out a professional cleaning of teeth, using airflow (a jet of special aerosol and water). This technique allows you to effectively remove plaque, clarify the enamel to the true color of the teeth.

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What is necessary for the prevention of tooth decay?

  • Proper oral hygiene: brushing your teeth twice a day, using dental floss and mouthrinse
  • Control of oral health: visiting a dentist at least once every six months, professional dental hygiene
  • Fissure germination (the dentist fills the fissures (chewing surfaces of the posterior teeth) with a special sealing material that protects the tooth surface from caries and makes it smoother)
  • Tooth fluoride

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How is caries treated in our clinic?

At the consultation, the dentist will determine the degree of caries development and choose the method of treatment. For the treatment of caries on the spot, it will be sufficient to remineralize with a special solution. On the surface, middle and deep stages of caries, the carious cavity is processed and then sealed. In our clinic you will meet experienced dentists-therapists who will treat your teeth using the most modern materials, using cutting-edge Planmeca equipment, at affordable prices.

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What are the stages of caries development?

  • Spots - a small spot of light or dark color appears on the surface of the tooth. At this stage, the patient does not experience any unpleasant sensations.
  • Surface caries - appearance of roughness on the surface of the enamel. The patient experiences unpleasant painful sensations under the influence of temperature or mechanical stimuli.
  • Medium caries - the formation of a carious cavity.
  • Deep caries - carious cavity increases, touching it causes pain.
  • Stage of complications - at this stage of caries, the tooth pulp is affected. Absence of treatment leads to tooth loss.

What is the early diagnosis of dental caries and how does it go in our clinic?

Early diagnosis of caries is the diagnosis of caries, with the help of special dental equipment, which helps to stop the process of tooth decay at an early stage.

For a specialist to determine the presence of carious lesions is simple enough. The dentist carefully examines the visible surfaces of the teeth. Also, in early diagnosis of caries, panoramic and sighting X-ray images help.

Often for the diagnosis of caries, light from a dental photopolymerizer is used.

Our doctors dentists use all methods available in the arsenal of modern dentistry for the detection and treatment of caries in the early stages.

How to book an appointment for a consultation?

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