Tseba Valerii Yurievich

Chief physician of the Medissa-Elite clinic. Doctor Dentist - Therapist, Endodontist.

The greatest satisfaction in dentistry is the work with the root canals of the tooth. In his work he uses a dental operating microscope, only the best rotational instruments, a modern ultrasonic endodontic apparatus VDW.Ultra® and the most effective antiseptics for root canal sealing is the method of vertical condensation of hot gutta percha with the VDW BeeFill® 2in1 system, which ensures the highest quality, 3D (three-dimensional) sealing.

Education and Career:

In 2004 he graduated from Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical Academy with a specialty as a dentist.

In 2005 he successfully graduated from the clinical internship at the Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PL Shupik, specializing in "Therapeutic dentistry".

In 2005 he passed a specialization at the Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P. L. Shupika, majoring in Orthopedic Dentistry.

Acquired professional experience in private clinics in Kiev.

Since 2011, he heads a highly professional team of doctors at the dental department of the Medissa clinic in Kiev.

Since 2013, the head of the dental department of the clinic "Medissa-Elite"

Since 2016, the chief doctor of the clinic "Medissa-Elite"

Symposia and master classes:

Has continuous dental practice for 14 years. Constantly improves his knowledge and skills at international symposia and master classes:

2008 - Course "Opportunities of modern endodontics and microsurgery: application of rotary nickel-titanium tools and the best modern system of obturation of root canals System B and Obtura II". Lecturers: T.M. Gorodetsky, O.M. Volokitin

2009 - course "Oral rehabilitation and Prosthetics on Dental Implants". Lecturer: Mr. Lev Bederak

2009 - course "Philosophy of orthopedic dentists of the XXI century". Lecturer: Givi Ordzhonikidze

2009 - the course "Around the tooth for 360 minutes." Lecturer: Krylova Anna

2009 - course "Metal-free microprosthetics: Reliable. Functionally. Aesthetic. Steps to understanding. " Lecturers: El Vanning, Maxim Lesnukhin

2010 - lecture program "I see the goal, I do not see any obstacles. Consecutive implementation of the orthopedic treatment plan into the result. " Lecturers: Dr. Luigi Galasso, dr. Maxim Lesnukhin

2010 - the lecture program "Basic principles of occlusion and articulation in the prosthetic repair of patients with ceramic structures based on zirconium oxide with support on natural teeth and implants." Lecturer: Michael Perez-Davidi

2010 - training "Endodontics by the rules. Subtlety and secrets." Lecturer: Maxim Belograd

2011 - theoretical and practical course "Modern endodontic treatment". Lecturer: Kulygin O.B.

2011 - training program "Succes tendencies in orthopedic dentistry", "Clinical Aspects of Prosthesis with Suitable Ceramic Constructions", "Found a Total Prosthesis of the Tooth Ranks". Lecters: El Vanning, Andrei Peshko, Maxim Lesnukhin

2011 - seminar "Endodontics by the rules 3. The art of instrumentation". Lecturers: Maxim Belograd, Vasily Karaschuk, Oleg Kulygin, Andrei Pigoylev

2011 - "Innovative methods of Implant Dentistry". Lecturers: Brian Banton, Vladimir Pastukh

2011 - course "Art restoration of the frontal group of teeth". Lecturer: Vadim Zagorodny

2012 - seminar "Repeated endodontic treatment. Conservative and Surgical Approach" Lecturer: Ivan Vyuchnov

2013 - seminar "Planning of orthopedic treatment". Lecturer: Haji Dazhaev

2013 - Training program "New trends in orthopedic dentistry-what kind of durability we can and should expect from the point of view of science and practice." Lecturer: Al Wanning, Rafal Medzin

2013 - the course "Immediate implants. Concept & Complications ». Lecturer: Dr.James Ruskin

2013 - "Biofilm in endodontics". Lecturer: Mikhail Solomonov

2013 - courses on emergency medical care

2014 - seminar "Direct restoration against the indirect. Chewing group". Lecturer: Alexander Fetsych

2014 - the course "Implant prosthodontics". Lecturers: Dr.Artem Dubnov, Dr.Myroslav Solonko, Dr.Adomas Auskalnis, Raimundas Bogdonas CDT

2014 - Charity Dentistry Conference "Save Life". Section of Endodontics and Restoration

2014 - course "Abutment duplication. New standards of dental implant restoration ». Lecturer: Lev Bederak

2015 - Seminar "Direct restoration of front teeth". Lecturer: Oleksandr Fetsich

2015 - Seminar "Complete Ceramic Restoration". Lecturer: Gundyak Yuriy

2015 - seminar "Endodontics. Discover secrets." Lecturer: Igor Noenko

2015 - seminar "DSD". Lecturer: Alexey Krasnozhon

2015 - Practical course "Secrets of quality dental restoration" Lecturer: Vadim Zagorodny

2016 - course "Reanimation measures in the dental clinic"

2016 - seminar "From caries to periodontitis. Treatment of temporary teeth without complications. " Lecturer: Katerina Geranina

2016 - 2-day course "Problems of secondary endodontics". Lecturer: Igor Noenko

2016 - seminar "Modern Approach to Apical Surgery". Lecturer: Andriy Polovinshchikov

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