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At what age you should start visiting a dentist?

Preventive visits to the dentist need to start with the appearance of the first milk tooth. As sooner you go to the doctor, as sooner you begin to monitor the health of his mouth and the development of the right bite. In the future, this will help to avoid the development of caries, prolonged treatment of bite and will teach your child to culture of monitoring the cleanliness of the teeth by himself.

What services does the pediaric dental clinic Medissa provide?

  • Advising parents on the prevention and treatment of oral cavity in children
  • Professional teeth cleaning for children
  • Treatment of caries of different degree
  • Coating with hermetic of tooth fissures
  • Removal of milk teeth
  • Pruning a child's frenum (Frenuloplasty)
  • Treatment and prevention of children's bite
  • Tooth fluoride

Why you should choose Medissa for your child?

In Medissa only high-class specialists with extensive experience work. We work on the most modern equipment and only with the best quality materials. Each young patient receives a gift after each appointment with a doctor. The presence of a playroom will provide the child with a comfortable pastime in the clinic.

How do we treat non-contact children in Medissa?

First and foremost, the dentist seeks an individual approach to each child, tries to adapt the baby to the maximum, creates a comfortable friendly atmosphere around the child, at the first visit we provide for child only cleaning of teeth, so that he could get used to the doctor and trust him. Only on the second or third visit, after making sure that the contact is established, the doctor will begin to treat a non-contact child.

In some cases, when there is no way to proceed with conventional treatment for a number of reasons, treatment under general anesthesia is prescribed.

What does include the prevention of caries in children?

Prevention of caries in children is a series of manipulations aimed at preventing the development of caries and maintaining the oral cavity of the child healthy. Doctors of Medissa clinic recommend professional cleaning of children's teeth at least every 3 months. In addition, all young patients of Medissa clinic and their parents have the opportunity to take oral hygiene lessons and learn how to brush your teeth properly, do not be afraid of the dentist and treat the health of the oral cavity with special attention.

Is anesthesia used to treat children?

The use of anesthesia during the treatment of children's teeth is always highly motivated. Basically, we avoid using any anesthetics. In the case that anesthesia is necessary, the child must pass all necessary tests before applying it so that we can make sure that the use of anesthesia is completely safe.

Important! The health of the child's oral cavity largely depends on the health of the teeth of his parents. Studies have shown that caries can be transmitted from parents to children through a kiss, baby dishes, etc.


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Pediatric dentistry
Pediatric dentistry

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