What is a wrong bite?

An incorrect bite is the curvature of the dentition or some of its elements (turning of teeth around its axis, gaps between teeth, "extension" of the dentition or individual teeth).

What are the causes of malocclusion in children?

  • Heredity
  • Wrong posture
  • Constantly breathing through the mouth due to ENT diseases
  • Untimely teething
  • Poorly developed jaw apparatus, because of the prevalence of soft food in the diet.

What are the problems due to incorrect bite?

  • Non-symmetrical face shape
  • Functional disorders and diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs
  • Violation of speech
  • Development of caries, stomatitis

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How pass the treatment?

At the consultation, the orthodontist determines whether the child needs correction of the bite. Then conducts a thorough X-ray examination of teeth. After the examination, the orthodontist makes individual imprints, according to which the device will be made.

During the second visit, options for treatment are discussed, methods for correcting the occlusion are proposed, the terms of treatment and cost are discussed. After that, professional hygiene is done, and the apparatus is installed.

The doctor schedules follow-up visits. This is necessary for correcting the apparatus and monitoring the dynamics of treatment.

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When the bite can be corrected?

Bite can be corrected at any age, but an incorrect bite in children is easier to treat. It is better to pay attention to bite when the child is 5-7 years old and do not return to this problem in adolescence.

Psychologically, children are much easier to perceive wearing orthodontic devices.

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What methods does our clinic use to correct the bite for children?

Plates are removable orthodontic devices. Plates do not shift the teeth, but keep them in the right position. Suitable for bite correction at the initial stage. Often worn before the subsequent setting of braces. Plates are easily removed before eating or personal hygiene.

Trainers are removable orthodontic devices that are made of silicone. Trainers are made in the form of a splint that covers the entire dentition. At the first stage of treatment soft blue trainers are used. Later, they switch to more rigid, pink colors. Trainers are worn a couple of hours a day and put on during sleep.

Kappas are removable orthodontic devices. Wear a few hours a day, transparent, do not cause the child aesthetic discomfort.

The bracket system is a fixed orthodontic device that corrects severe bite abnormalities. They run from four months to six months. Established in the older age, starting at age 12.

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