Oral hygiene for children: all methods of caries prevention

Proved: 90% of children do not brush their teeth thoroughly at home. At the same time, poor oral hygiene is twice as fast as in adults, destroying the delicate enamel of the baby teeth. To solve this problem can professional oral hygiene in the office of a pediatric dentist.

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What procedures are included in oral hygiene for children in the Medissa Clinic?

  • Professional cleaning of children's teeth
  • Fissure sealing (filling of the dentitions of teeth with a special solution that prevents the ingestion of food residues in them)
  • Plating of teeth with fluorine (to strengthen enamel)

What is the procedure for professional oral hygiene for children at the Medissa Clinic?

  • Consultation and inspection. At the consultation, the pediatric dentist will establish contact with the child and in the form of a game will explain to the patient what will happen in the dental chair.
  • Application on the teeth of a special solution-indicator. The doctor applies a special indicator solution on the child's teeth, which will reveal the plaque, staining the teeth in pink.
  • Removal of plaque from the surface of the teeth. With a circular brush, using a special polishing paste, the pediatric dentist manually removes the plaque. Whilecleaning the childs'teeth the doctor does not use airflow and other devices. Children's enamel is more fragile and requires a delicate effect.
  • Fluoridation. The dentist covers the tooth enamel with fluoride to remove the sensitivity of the teeth and strengthen them.
  • Fissure sealing. On the recommendation of the doctor and at the request of the patient's parents, the child undergoes a prophylactic procedure - sealing the fissures, when the cavities of the chewing teeth are filled with a special substance that does not let the food remain in the dental cavities.
  • A gift for courage. At the end of each visit young patient receives a gift for courage.

What are the advantages of professional oral hygiene for children in the clinic Medissa?

  • All materials that are used for professional oral hygiene for children of the highest quality.
  • In Medissa there are certified children's dentists who find an individual approach to all babies.
  • Bright equipment and an cabinet will help the child feel comfortable and relaxed during the visit.
  • In Medissa there is a large playing room with an x-box, where children are never bored.

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How often is it necessary to have the manipulation?

Doctors of the Medissa Clinic recommend performing professional cleaning of children's teeth at least once per every 3-4 months.

In addition, parents should not forget about the fact that the child should brush his teeth at least twice a day, using a special children's brush and paste, selected by age.

Doctors of the clinic will help to select the necessary pastes and a brush, as well as conduct a "hygiene lesson" and tell you how to properly monitor the health of the oral cavity of children and how to teach the babies to take care of their own teeth.

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