Laser hair removal of arms by the apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum

Laser hair removal of arms by the apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum is an easy way to forget about shaving, depilation cream, and other numerous, and uncomfortable ways to achieve smoothness of the skin of arms and armpits. Thanks to laser hair removal, routine and not always pleasant skin care of arms and armpits will remain in the distant past.

Why should you do laser hair removal of arms and armpits?

Repeated shaving of the armpits makes this area prone to ingrown hair, with dry, constantly irritated skin. The skin on the arms is also rough and irritated by the constant mechanical effects of a razor, depilatory cream or wax. As a result, the hair grows even faster, worse amenable to the next removal. Arms and armpit area are not well-groomed, it constantly requires constant care to restore and nourish the skin.

Laser arm hair removal by Soprano Ice Platinum is the most appropriate solution in order to say goodbye to the hair on the arms and armpits without harm to the skin.

The hairs are destroyed irrevocably, and the hair just falls out. Subsequently, the pores on the skin of the arms and armpits are narrowed; the arms become beautiful, velvety and have smooth skin.

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How does Alma Soprano Ice Platinum technology work?

The laser apparatus Soprano Ice Platinum was developed by a large Israeli company Alma Lasers. The company is a global supplier of equipment for aesthetic medicine.  New laser combines all the advantages of previous lasers of the company. It uses three types of waves of different lengths.

Three types of waves affect the hair from the base to the outer part and completely destroy it irrevocably. Thus, you can get the most effective procedure in a short time.

This method of laser hair removal of the arms and armpits excludes any tissue damage, burns and, as a result, the rehabilitation period is completely absent. This suggests that there is a way to safely get rid of unwanted hair in any area.

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What are the advantages of body laser hair removal using the new technology?

  • The laser apparatus has no limitations in recognizing any type of hair, blond women and men can not worry about the positive outcome of the procedure.
  • The laser is safe for tanned skin. No need to worry about writing to the procedure before sunbathing.
  • Special cooling nozzle and in-motion mode of operation make the procedure comfortable for the patient. No more pain during the laser hair removal of arms and armpits!
  • The technology covers the entire treated area without missing hairs. Thus, it provides a uniform result of hair removal, without gaps.
  • The apparatus works much faster than lasers of previous generations. The arm zone is processed in a few minutes. 
  • There is no rehabilitation, because surrounding tissues are not affected. The action of the laser is aimed exclusively at hair removal of arms.
  • After passing the necessary course of treatments, the hair is destroyed permanently.

How many procedures should be done to get the result?

The patient will see the first result after 1 laser hair removal procedure by this apparatus. Hair will stop growing as actively as it was before. The structure will be weaker; the hair will gradually become thinner and eventually will disappearogether.

On average, 6-8 procedures are necessary to achieve a stable and long-lasting result. The interval between treatments is 4-5 weeks.

If the patient has a goal to get rid of the hair on his arms and armpits forever, the course of procedures is extended at intervals of 3-4 months.

The number of procedures the doctor prescribes individually.

IMPORTANT! Arms belong to hormonal areas the emergence of hair on the body. Therefore, to remove hair in the area permanently requires more time than, for example, in the area of the legs. But, laser hair removal by Alma Soprano Ice Platinum helps to significantly reduce the growth of hair on the arms and in the area of the armpits, and significantly extend the transition period between hair removal.  With laser hair removal by Alma Soprano Ice Platinum patients have no problems with ingrown hairs, skin irritation which occur during shaving and other types of depilation.

Laser hair removal effectively removes hair:

  • of the area of armpits;
  • of arms;
  • of the face;
  • of the body.

It provides a uniform and equally effective result in any area of the face or body.

What are the contraindications to laser arm hair removal by the apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum?

Contraindications to the procedure of laser arm hair removal:

  • diabetes;
  • oncological disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • other diseases in the acute stage.

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What is the price of laser hair removal of arms and armpits by our laser machine?

The cost of laser hair removal of arms and armpits, you can see at the page PRICES. The site provides an opportunity to sign up online for the procedure.

The laser hair removal procedure on the Soprano Ice Platinum is safe and allowed from the age of 14. In the Medissa underage patients can visit the clinic for the first time, accompanied by one of the parents. During the first visit, the parents sign an informational agreement on the procedure, and then the young patient can visit the clinic independently.

You can read patient reviews about the procedure in the REVIEWS section on the website, as well as on our official pages in social networks.

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