Leg hair removal of legs by the apparatus Alma Soprano Ice Platinum

There are so many ways to achieve smoothness of the legs, from razors to epilators and special creams. All of these methods have disadvantages. It all require our time to it regular repetitions, they are all a bit painful, can leave ingrown hair, irritation and dry skin. Such defects bring us unpleasant feelings and spoil the overall appearance; in particular, it concerns such areas as legs, thighs and buttocks. Is there a procedure that will help us find a solution to this problem?

The answer of the specialists of our clinic is unanimous and unambiguous: “Yes, there is a solution of this problem!” Because a revolutionary technology has appeared in the clinic “Medissa” in Kiev – it is laser hair removal of legs or hair removal of buttocks, or hair removal of any other zone by the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum apparatus. We will prove that laser hair removal can be completely painless, lasts a few minutes and give a really lasting effect, even getting rid of the hair on your legs forever.

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What is the laser hair removal by our new apparatus?

Soprano Ice Platinum is a clinically proven technology that has no analogues in the world! It was developed by a large Israeli company Alma Lazers. The company supplies innovative aesthetic equipment to clinics around the world.

The latest development of the Ice Platinum laser machine has already revolutionized laser hair removal. Thanks to a completely different approach to the effects on the hairs, laser hair removal of the buttocks or legs acquires a higher quality level.

Now hair can be removed easily, quickly, painlessly and even if you have a tan on the skin.  

The essence of the work of this apparatus is to combine the energy of three waves of different lengths, due to which the hair is destroyed forever. All of them act on different parts of the hair. Thus, the nutrition of the hair follicle is disturbed; the bulb and the outer part of the hair are destroyed.

The technology is absolutely safe; it is approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration since the age of 14.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal of the legs by the apparatus of this company?

  • The apparatus has confirmed the effectiveness of the work as dark and hard or light vellus hairs.
  • It is suitable for women and men with different skin types. Moreover, it is no longer necessary to worry, and count down the days before or after a rest in the active sun, the laser can be used on tanned skin.
  • The procedure is comfortable. It works painlessly, whether it is facial hair removal or hip hair removal.
  • The technology affects the entire treated area without missing hairs, which eliminates the unevenness of laser exposure and allows achieving a better result.
  • The speed of the device is impressive! The device works faster than previous generation lasers. For example, the area of the shins is processed in just a few minutes.
  • The laser does not burn out, does not injure the skin, its action is aimed exclusively at different structural parts of the hair, which means that the rehabilitation period is completely excluded.
  • The device is clinically tested, has all the necessary quality certificates that confirm its safety and effectiveness.
  • Such a mechanism of laser action contributes to the long-term result of the procedure and with systematic use helps to get rid of unwanted hair forever.

How many procedures do you need to do to get the result?

There is no exact definition of the number of procedures to get the desired result. First of all, a huge role is played by such individual characteristics as: hair type, skin type, as well as the influence of hormones on the overall condition of the hair. It should be noted that the result is affected by the selected zone. For example, averages of about 6 procedures in the area of the shins are necessary to achieve a stable and long-term result, and, for example, laser hair removal of the hips may differ significantly from laser hair removal of the hands or legs. This means that for other zones it will be necessary to carry out about 10 procedures. The interval between procedures is approximately 3-6 weeks.

The patient will see the result after 1-st procedure of laser hair removal by our device. Hair will not grow so actively, its structure will be weaker, the hair will gradually become thinner. If the patient has a goal to get rid of the hair on the hands and in the armpits forever, the course of procedures is extended with an interval of 3-4 months.

The number of procedures the doctor prescribes individually.

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What are the contraindications to laser hair removal of the legs by the apparatus of our clinic?

Standard contraindications to the procedure of laser hair removal of the legs include:

- diabetes;

- oncological disease;

- other diseases that are in the stage of exacerbation and need additional advice of a doctor-specialist.

Pregnancy and lactation are also included in the list of contraindications to the procedure.

What is the price of Laser hair removal of the legs or any other area?

The cost of laser hair removal of the legs you can see at the page PRICE.

The laser hair removal procedure on the Soprano Ice Platinum is safe and allowed from the age of 14. In the Medissa underage patients can visit the clinic for the first time, accompanied by one of the parents. During the first visit, the parents sign an informational agreement on the procedure, and then the young patient can visit the clinic independently.

Patient's reviews about the procedure can be found in the REVIEWS section on the website, as well as on our official pages in social networks.

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