Metal ceramic crowns

Metal crowns are made of alloys of gold, silver, palladium, chromium or nickel. Metal ceramics are metal crowns that are covered with a layer of ceramics.

Metal and metal-ceramic crowns are durable: they can crack nuts and crowns will last for several decades.

We rarely install metal-ceramic crowns and do not install metal crowns, because these types of crowns do not meet our ideas about aesthetics. The price of metal ceramic crowns is lower than ceramic or zirconia crowns. It restores the chewing function of the teeth, but do not make the smile beautiful. Metal ceramics is best suited for the restoration of extreme molars – teeth that are not in the smile zone.

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How are metal ceramic crowns installed in the clinic MEDISSA?

Metal ceramic crowns are fixed on the teeth in the same way as other types of crowns.

  • In clinic Medissa we install metal-ceramic crowns for two visits. In the first visit, the dentist orthopedist diagnoses the oral cavity. We use a 3D scanner to take" virtual" impressions of the jaws. This is a comfortable and fast process for the patient. After the doctor removes the 3D impression, he will send it to his own dental laboratory of the clinic. The dental technician works in the same building as the doctor. They will promptly solve all operational issues. Therefore, the crown is made in a short time up to 7 days.
  • The patient does not walk a day without teeth. While the technician is making a metal ceramic crown, the dentist orthopedist fix the patient a temporary crown.
  • During the second visit, the doctor fix the finished metal ceramic crown on the patient's tooth and gives recommendations for the care of it. Such care includes good home hygiene and a visit to the dental clinic for professional dental cleaning at least once every six months.

What are the advantages of installing metal ceramic crowns in the clinic Medissa?

  • Doctors dentists - orthopedists of the clinic have been installing crowns for 10 years.
  • We make a treatment plan. The patient before treatment knows how much time and money he will spend on treatment.
  • 3D scanner makes the process of taking impressions comfortable for the patient and is suitable for pregnant women and people with severe gag reflex.
  • The dental laboratory is located in the clinic building. The dental technician is always in the access of the doctor, they quickly solve all the working moments. This allows you to take quality work on time.

What types of dental crowns are installed in Medissa?

  • Metal ceramics are not the main material for the manufacture of crowns, which we use. Most often, clinic Medissa install ceramic and zirconia dental crowns. Those have impeccable aesthetics and do not differ from natural teeth. Ceramic and zirconia crowns put in a smile area.
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