What types of anesthesia is used in the clinic Medissa clinic?

  • Local anesthesia
  • Sedation
  • Narcosis

Do not confuse these types of anesthesia. Anesthesia immerses the patient into deep sleep, while sedation gives only a relaxed effect, the patient is calm and does not fear.

What types of sedation are used in the Medissa clinic?

  • Superficial
  • Deep

How is the procedure at the Medissa clinic?

  1. Consultation
  2. Fulfillment of necessary tests. Any anesthesia requires preparation in the form of a screen for compatibility with the components of the drug.
  3. Sedation. There are several methods of sedation. Intravenous or through a special mask (nitrous oxide is used), anesthesia is administered to the patient. During sedation, the patient is conscious, can swallow.
  4. Treatment. After the anesthesia has worked, the doctor proceeds to treatment.

What are the advantages of treatment under sedation in the Medissa clinic?

Treatment under sedation in Medissa occurs according to international standards.

Medissa uses only certified drugs for anesthesia.

Treatment under sedation is a safe way to cope with the fear of the dental chair.

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