What do we mean by dental implantation of teeth?

Dental implantation of teeth is the most modern method to restore a lost tooth completely. The root of the tooth successfully replaces the titanium implant (artificial dental root), which is fully biocompatible with the human body and durable. The dental implant is implanted directly into the bone.

What is the advantage of dental implantation of teeth?

The method of implantation of teeth allows to restore a tooth root quickly, thus not deforming adjacent teeth in any way.

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What implants are put in the Medissa clinic?

  • Any One (Korea)
  • Ankylos (Germany)
  • Nobel (Switzerland)

The implants that our clinic establishes are authorized for use by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, approved by the relevant authorities in the US and the EU and have proven themselves throughout the world.

What stages involves dental implantation of teeth in the Medissa clinic?

Implantation of teeth consists of five basic steps.

1. Preparation for implantation - After consultation with the surgeon, the collection of the general medical and dental history necessary for the treatment is started. The patient is diagnosed on a computer tomography (CT). This method of diagnosis makes it possible to assess in detail the individual features of the structure of the jaw of the patient, its dental roots and root canals. With the help of CT, an indicator important for implantation of teeth is determined, such as the amount of bone tissue necessary for implant implantation.

2. The 1st stage of implantation - This stage involves the direct installation of an artificial tooth root (implantation of the teeth). Often it takes about 40 minutes. Once the implant has been installed, it takes time to be implanted in the body. This period takes from 2 to 6 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient. Thanks to its anatomical features, implants that implant into the lower jaw accrue more quickly. All this time, from the procedure itself to the complete engraftment of the implant, the patient wears a temporary tooth crown, thus he does not experience any discomfort from missing a tooth.

3. The 2nd stage of implantation - After engraftment of the artificial tooth root, it is necessary to establish a gingiva former. In consequence, it is replaced by an abutment. The abutment is the supporting structure on which the tooth crown will be placed. When the abutment is installed in the oral cavity, the doctor makes the toothpring to make a permanent crown or bridge.

4. Prosthetics on implants. The artificial dental root has completely taken root, the abutment is installed and the dentist-orthopedist can start working on the installation of a permanent orthopedic structure.

5. Stage of postimplantation observation - The patient is given a schedule of subsequent follow-up visits to the surgeon. The stage of repeated visits is an important component of the control of the condition of the tissues around the implant and proper oral hygiene. During the first year after implantation of the implant, a surgeon must be visited every 4 months.

How to book an appointment for a consultation?

In order to make an appointment for consultation with surgeon dentist in Kiev, call our call-center by phone numbers:

+380(44) 502-67-67
+380(44) 502-67-77 
+380(50) 331-41-46 
+380(50) 312-31-26 

The administrator will pick up a convenient time for you and book an appointment for a consultation.

During the consultation, the dentist-surgeon will conduct an examination, discuss with you the options and cost of implantation. After that, he will appoint CT (computer tomography). During the next visit, our client-manager, together with the doctor the dentist will provide a treatment plan, where all stages of implantation and their cost will be clearly spelled out.

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