Treatment of children with developmental peculiarities: an individual solution for non-contact children

The most common practice for treating children with developmental features is treatment under general anesthesia (link to the article on the site: treatment of children under general anesthesia)

What children with developmental peculiarities are treated in the Medissa Clinic?

  • Children with autism
  • Children with Down's Syndrome
  • Children with cerebral palsy
  • Children with diseases of the central nervous system

For special children, a visit to the dental office can be a great stress to minimize it and do all the necessary work for a visit using general anesthesia.

How is the treatment of children with developmental peculiarities at the Medissa Clinic?

  • Consultation of children's dentist.
  • Passing of all necessary tests.
  • Consultation of an anesthesiologist. Parents of the patient are advised by a qualified anesthesiologist, directly in the clinic. After the approval of the anesthetist doctor, the date of the treatment is appointed.
  • The beginning of treatment is immersing the child in peaceful sleep. The child falls asleep immediately after the injection.
  • Treatment of children's teeth. After the child is plunged into sleep, the dentist will begin treatment. Usually, the whole procedure takes no more than 90 minutes. Depending on the amount of work.
  • Awakening from anesthesia. The patient quickly and easily departs from anesthesia in a special room, as if the child had a sweet lunch dream. There are no side effects. Immediately after treatment, the child can go for a walk.

What are the benefits of treating children with features under general anesthesia in Medissa?

The procedure in the clinic "Medissa" is as safe as possible. During anesthesia under the clinic, an ambulance with all the necessary equipment is on duty. The resuscitation team is in the cabinet during treatment.

Treatment under general anesthesia is a non-alternative method of rapid and non-traumatic for the psyche of treatment of children with developmental features.

Treatment under general anesthesia makes it possible to treat the entire oral cavity of the child in just one visit.

Children's dentists at the Medissa Clinic are high-level certified specialists who set themselves the task not only of qualitatively treating a young patient, but also of establishing a trustful relationship with them, adapting special children to daily preventive procedures and hygienic procedures in the clinic.

Korinchuk Alla
Chief physician of the Medissa-Podil clinic. Doctor Dentist - Therapist, Endodontist. Doctor - Pediatric Dentist.

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