The wisdom tooth is the eighth tooth in the dentition, which often causes a huge amount of inconvenience, often even before its appearance. Wisdom teeth are dangerous not only by painful sensations during their growth, but also by a whole list of possible complications and diseases of the oral cavity after eruption.  

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The main indications for the procedure of wisdom tooth extraction

Indications for the removal of the wisdom tooth can be any inconvenience associated with it, or a high probability of their occurrence. 

The main indications for the removal of third molars:

  • Incorrect anatomical position in the mouth. Due to the incorrect angle of eruption, the oral cavity (cheeks, tongue, and so on) is injured.
  • In case of influence on the position of other teeth or malocclusion.
  • «Immersed wisdom tooth». Removal is also necessary in case of partial appearance or if the third molar is not eruption.
  • Pericoronaritis (acute inflammation) during the eruption of the lower wisdom teeth.
  • The occurrence of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity. Clean and care for the «eight» is extremely difficult because of the complex location in the oral cavity, in addition, sometimes the enamel of the teeth is broken in the process of eruption. In this case, the removal of wisdom teeth should occur immediately, as caries can move quickly and affect adjacent teeth.

What is complex wisdom tooth removal?

The process of removing wisdom teeth is different in terms of complexity. It depends on many factors. Simple tooth extraction takes a small amount of time and the doctor will need: special forceps and anesthesia.

In turn, atypical removal of wisdom tooth and its price in Kiev depend on the following conditions:

  • when the growth of the «eight» is delayed;
  • atypical wisdom tooth removal is necessary in the formation of cysts and bone damage;
  • wrong angle of growth and contact with the root of the adjacent tooth;
  • complex removal of the wisdom tooth is carried out when fusing with the bone.

It should be noted that the complexity of the operation depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. It happens that in order to remove a complex wisdom tooth it is necessary to extract it in parts. That is why the operation to remove a wisdom tooth is a specific and often complex procedure that requires the attention of an experienced surgeon.

You should pay attention! Regardless of the complexity of the removal, modern technologies and drugs allow to carry out such procedures as painless and comfortable for the patient.

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Wisdom teeth removal: results, reviews

The result after the removal of wisdom teeth is getting rid of the discomfort and painful sensations that third molars are capable of causing in everyday life. It is also important that the extraction of a wisdom tooth contributes to the effective prevention and treatment of various dental diseases.

Wisdom teeth removal: patient reviews

One of the main components of a successful dental treatment is the knowledge and experience of the dentist-surgeon, as well as the presence of a large number of reviews and recommendations of patients. The wisdom tooth, its removal and reviews about the procedure are important when choosing a doctor and clinic for the operation.

Wisdom tooth extraction in Kiev and reviews are very popular among patients. In the Medissa clinic you can read the recommendations of patients in the REVIEWS section, as well as learn more about the wisdom tooth removal and patient reviews of the clinic in our social networks.

Wisdom tooth removal price in Kiev 

Do not put off «for later» trip to the dental clinic, with the appearance of even the most insignificant problems, in the future this will help preserve the health of teeth. Removal of a wisdom tooth in Kiev is always a sought-after procedure, regardless of the age and gender of patients.

Wisdom tooth removal and price in Kiev depends on many different factors of pricing for dental services.

Wisdom tooth removal price in Medissa clinic:

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction depends on the experience of the doctor, the level of the clinic and the individual clinical case of each patient. You can find out the prices for wisdom tooth extraction in the Medissa clinic in the PRICE section of the site.

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