Treatment of the root canals of the tooth (endodontic treatment)

Endodontic treatment is the treatment and processing of root canals of one or more teeth.

The main task of endodontics is the preservation and full functioning of the tooth.

Qualitatively treated channels are a good basis for successful prosthetics.

What are the indications for the treatment of root canals?

Ignoring preventive examinations at the dentist every six months, insufficient personal hygiene of the oral cavity, multiple caries, unsound restorations, weakened immunity are the factors that lead to such complications of caries:

Pulpitis - inflammation of the neurovascular bundle of tooth-pulp. The patient feels a sharp pain in the tooth, which worsens at night.

Periodontitis - necrosis of pulp and damage to tissues surrounding the tooth. The patient is concerned about the sharp pain that occurs without the external stimuli being affected by the tooth. Periodontitis develops if the pulpitis is not cured in time.

With complications of caries, endodontic tooth treatment is performed. The inflamed, "dead" tissues are removed from the root canal, antiseptic treatment is performed and the channel is prepared for sealing. Then the root canal is sealed.

What equipment do we use to treat root canals?

In our work we use the most accurate modern method of treatment of canals - treatment under a microscope.

With the help of a microscope, the dentist can control the treatment process as much as possible, which guarantees the patient a high-quality result of treatment.

What are the stages of endodontic treatment of root canals in the Medissa clinic?

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  • Diagnosis (the final diagnosis is based on the clinical picture and additional examination methods, such as electrodontometry, thermodiagnostics, X-ray examination-sighting radiovisiography of the tooth, orthopantomogram, computed tomography)
  • anesthesia
  • elimination of infected tissues and insolvent restorations of the crown part of the tooth
  • temporary restoration of the crown part of the tooth (creates sterile working conditions)
  • isolation of the tooth with a cofferdam ensures dryness and sterility of the operating field, protects the patient)
  • access to the root canals (edodontic access)
  • the study of anatomy of the root canals (the number of channels, their position, curvature, length, width, shape) with the help of an operating microscope, endodontic instruments, mirrors and additional apparatuses (apexlocator, radiovisiograph, endodontic ultrasound, microscope).
  • mechanical processing and calibration of root canals using modern manual and rotary endodontic instruments, ultrasound under precise control of apex locator and radiovisiograph
  • antiseptic treatment of root canals
  • obturation of root canals by the method of vertical condensation of hot gutta percha with the help of BeeFill® 2in1, which makes 3D (three-dimensional) filling
  • controlled sighting radiovisiography

The clinical situation determines how many visits will be needed to treat: 1 or 2-3 visits

The average duration of the visit is 2 hours.

To improve the prognosis after treatment, as a rule, the tooth is reinforced with fiberglass pins or an individual cultured insert and the crown part is restored through indirect restorations (ceramic insert, half crown, crown).

What are the advantages of treating the root canals under a microscope?

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The microscope is also effectively used in therapeutic treatment to accurately diagnose the condition of hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and the subsequent preservation of all healthy tissues when cleaning from the affected.

Used for orthopedic treatment for maximum accuracy of fitting orthopedic structures.

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