Baidaus Svetlana Vasilyevna

Doctor Dentist - Therapist, Endodontist.

«I love my job! For me, the main thing is for the patient to be comfortable during the visit.»

Education and Career:

1991 - graduated from Donetsk National Medical University named after M.Gorky, Dental, Donetsk.

1992 - graduated from the internship at the City Clinical Stomatological Polyclinic No. 3 of the Donetsk Medical University. Specialization - "Therapeutic dentistry"

1996 - awarded the second qualification category in the field of therapeutic stomatology

2001 - awarded the first qualification category in the field of therapeutic stomatology

2005 - awarded the highest qualification category in the field of therapeutic stomatology

2010 - the highest qualification category in the field of therapeutic stomatology was confirmed

2014 - the highest qualification category in the field of therapeutic stomatology was confirmed

Symposia and master classes:

2000 - "The course of restoration therapy using equipment, materials and techniques of Dentsply Corporation", lecturer Rodlinsky, Poltava

2000 - "Modern Technologies of Treatment and Prevention in Practical Dentistry" - International Scientific and Practical Conference.

2001 - "Modern Therapeutic Dentistry", "Fenestra"

2002 - Training seminar, DentArt

2002 - master course on etdodontia, Dentsply, center "Apalonia".

2003 - Teeth Whitening "Ultra Dent Company" conducted Crystal Plus

2004 - "The basic postulates of modern operative stomatology", the lecturer Dunfisher

2004 - "Ozone therapy in stomatology", lecturer N. Smoler

2004 - "Actual aspects of dental implantology", I.Matros-Taranets

2005 - "Modern concepts in dentistry", Kristar

2005 - "Stomat. diseases in pregnant women, prevention and treatment ", lecturer Yakubova II.

2005 - International Dental Conference, Kiev

2005 - "Aesthetic restoration of teeth", FDI

2006 - "Modern achievements in clinical endodontics", Third Endodontic Conference

2006 - "Practical solution of problems in endodontics", TN Gorodetsky

2007 - Whitening in dentistry, IPST, lecturer Kozinkina E.I.

2007 - "New Technologists in Endodontics", Fifth International Conference

2007 - "Practical solution of problems in endodontics", TN Gorodetsky

2007 - Selected Questions of Atheistic Technique, lecturer A. Grigoriev

2007 - "Effective Endodontics", Fenestra

2008 - Conference "Clinical paradontology"

2008 - The Sixth International Conference "New Technologies in Endodontics"

2009 - Applied endodontics, practical approaches to solving daily tasks, lecturer I.Mehr

2009 - The Seventh International Conference

2009 - "Achievements of mastery in endodontics", lecturer Julian Weber

2009 - "Mechanical treatment of the root canal with rotational instruments, irrigation, three-dimensional obturation", lecturer T. Gorodetsky

2010 - "Features and advantages of Mtwo rotary instruments", lecturer Chernenky I.N.

2010 - "Emergency care for somatic dysfunction in the practice of a dentist", lecturer Bichun AB

2010 - "Increasing the effectiveness of anesthesia and reducing the risk of complications in stomat.practice" lecturer Shugailo IA

2010 - The Eighth International Endodontic Conference

2010 - "Methods of X-ray examination in dentistry", lecturer Goncharenko EV

2010 - "Broken tools. Micro Access ", lecturer Belograd M.S.

2011 - "Optimum algorithms for the action of the personnel of the stomatological clinic», lecturer Bichun AB

2011 - "Radiation diagnostics in the outpatient practice of a dentist", lecturer Rogatskin DV

2011 - "Endodontics by the rules 3. The art of instrumentation", the educational club "Belograd"

2011 - "Formula of Endodontics", lecturer M. Belograd

2011 - "Related topics in endodontics", lecturer M. Solomonov

2012 - "How to achieve 100% success in aesthetic dentistry". STCM "Stamil"

2012 - "Opportunities of modern endodontics and microsurgery, use of rotational and nickel-titanium instruments and modern obturation systems", lecturer Volokitin AN

2012 - "Traumatology and everyday practice", lecturer Solomonov M.

2012 - "Topical issues of treatment of paradontic diseases", lecturer Beloklitskaya G.F.

2012 - "Repeated endodontic treatment. Conservative and surgical approach ", the academic center" Belograd "

2012 - "Actual issues of modern stamotology", scientific and practical conference

2013 - "ABC of minimally invasive dentistry in aetsheticoly important urea", Jason Smithson.

2013 - "Restoration of the front teeth group", lecturer Radlinsky S. "Apolonia"

2014 - "Modern strategies for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases: world experience and prospects for development", Ministry of Health

2014 - "Solution of periapical problems in endodontics", lecturer Arnaldo Castelluchi

2014 - "Direct restoration against the indirect. The chewing group of teeth», lecturer Fecic A.

2015 - "ABC of manual scaling", lecturer Reshetnyak O.

2015 - "Perio-conception of stomatological visit", lecturer Miroslav Solonko.

2015 - "Actual issues of diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases", lecturer Chumakova Yu.G.

2016 - "Supporting treatment in parodontology", lectures by Tracey Lennemann, Tamara Volinska, Olena Matsekh, Olena Vanger.

2016 - "Clinical Endodontics", symposium "MEDVIN".

2016 - "Reanimation measures in a dental clinic", Center for Special Preparation.

2016 - "Modern views in clinical endodontics", symposium "MEDVIN".

2016 - "Non-surgical periodontics. The basic concept of conducting a regular meeting ", lecturer Tamara Volinska.

2016 - "Problems of secondary endodontics", lecturer Igor Noenko.

2016 - Congress "Periodontics for Everyone", UAP

2016 - Non-surgical periodontics. The basic concept of conducting a periodontal technique. Lecturer T. Wolinska

2017 - Seminar "Clinical integrated approach of all methods of visualization, used for diagnostics of maxillofacial pathology in dentistry". Lecturer L. Dahno

2017 - "Unique combination of modern scientific achievements and practice in dentistry", International Dental Congress

2017 - Lecturer from Dentsply Syrona during the International Dental Forum

2017 - "Endodontics 3.0 Adjacent Pathology", Theoretical and practical course, lecturer O. Kulygin

2017 - "MICROENDODONTICS. Simply about the complex ", Lecturer S.I.Geranin

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