Installation of dental crowns and bridges: functionality, aesthetics and improvement of quality of life.

In Medissa clinic we solve the problem of lost teeth or their individual parts of any complexity.

Establish dental crowns of all kinds from cermets to ceramic and zirconium crowns.

Bridge-type constructions (bridges).

Perform all types of prosthetics on implants.

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How does the procedure pass?

  • Consultation and digital diagnostics. During the first visit, the orthopedic doctor conducts a detailed examination of the oral cavity of the patient. After the necessary digital diagnostics, an individual type of dental prosthetics is chosen.
  • Drawing up a treatment plan. During the consultation, the dentist-orthopedist discusses with the patient all the options and cost of treatment. During the next visit, our client-manager, together with the doctor dentist, provides the patient with a detailed treatment plan, where all stages of prosthetics, including cost, are clearly prescribed.
  • Removing a digital imprint. With the help of modern technology 3D Shape the impression is removed without discomfort for the patient, and the digital model of the jaws is instantly displayed. The digital model is sent to the dental technician. At the same visit, temporary crowns are made for the patient. This means the patient does not walk a single day without teeth.
  • Manufacturing of crowns in the own dental laboratory of the Medissa clinic. Medissa has its own dental laboratory, which greatly simplifies communication between the doctor and technician and shortens the terms of the work. According to the digital model of jaws, the dental technician will make crowns as soon as possible, not more than a week, depending on the design.
  • Delivery of work and prosthetics. During the next visit, the work is presented to the patient and installed in the oral cavity. The procedure takes 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Control visits. The doctor appoints the patient a schedule of control visits to monitor the condition of the crowns.

What are the advantages of prosthetic teeth in the Medissa clinic?

  • Modern technologies of impression taking make the process comfortable for the patient, ideal for pregnant women and people with pronounced emetic reflex
  • The presence of own dental laboratory significantly shortens the time of manufacturing and reduces the number of patient visits to the clinic.
  • Drawing up a treatment plan gives the patient a clear step-by-step picture of the whole process: every manipulation, every UAH spent by the patient.
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