Zirconia crowns

Zirconium in dentistry is hard and durable white ceramics. Zirconium is supplied in the form of blocks of various shapes and sizes. Special computer system type CAD / CAM processes zirconium.

Where is zirconium used in dentistry?

  • Prosthetics and restorations. Zirconium is durable material with excellent aesthetics. Zirconia crowns and zirconia restorations look perfect and serve for a long time. With the help of zirconium dioxide in the clinic "Medissa" you can make total prosthetics: create a "Hollywood smile" in a short time. Crowns, which are installed in the smile area, are additionally covered with a thin layer of ceramics for maximum aesthetics.
  • Implantation. The implant is made of titanium alloy, but the design on which the crown is fixed - the abutment - can be made of zirconium dioxide, rather than metal, for aesthetic purposes.

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Features and benefits of zirconia crowns

  • Zirconia crowns are durable and, if properly cared for, will serve the patient up to 15–20 years.
  • Zirconium is a white ceramic with good transparency. Zirconium crowns do not differ from natural teeth, unlike metal-ceramic and metal crowns.
  • If necessary, a thin layer of ceramics is applied to the base of the zirconia crown to create the perfect color and shape of the structure.
  • Zirconium, like gold, is well established in the body, does not cause allergies and does not oxidize like metals.
  • Zirconia crowns are created using computer systems; therefore, zirconium crowns do not require additional correction and are immediately installed to the patient.
  • The cost of zirconia crowns remains high. The price is based on the cost of the material itself and its processing technology.

How zirconia crowns are installed in clinic Medissa?

1. Consultation and diagnosis. During the consultation, the dentist orthopedist diagnoses the patient’s oral cavity and predicts the result.

2. The doctor make impressions. With the help of modern technology 3D scanning 3DShape doctor take the «virtual impression» of the jaws. This type of taking impressions is completely comfortable, suitable for pregnant women and people with a pronounced gag reflex. In addition, the «virtual impressions» is more accurate than the traditional print.

3. Production of zirconia crowns. Zirconia crowns are made in the clinic’s own laboratory using computer technology. The laboratory is located in the building of the clinic, so the doctor and technician can quickly resolve any work issues and control the creation process.

4. Temporary crown. The patient does not walk a day without teeth. The patient wears temporary crowns before installing permanent crowns.

5. Installation of crowns. When zirconia crowns are ready, the doctor fixes them on the teeth.

6. Preventive visits. We recommend doing professional oral hygiene at the clinic at least once every 6 months, so that the crowns will serve as long as possible. 

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