What is the mesotherapy of hair?

Mesotherapy of hair is a modern technique aimed at improving the skin of the pilar part of the head.

Injection mesotherapy is the introduction of various helpful substances into the middle layers of the skin, delivering the required amount directly to the hair follicles. Due to complex treatment, this method allows to solve quickly and qualitatively existing head skin problems, to stop hair loss, to growth, to restore and improve the condition of the hair along the entire length.

Mesotherapy of hair, indications for the procedure

It is recommended to carry out the procedure of a mesotherapy for hair in the following clinical cases:

  • focal hair loss;
  • damaged hair after childbirth and breastfeeding;
  • if you have aesthetic deficiencies: fragility and dryness of the hair, split ends, etc.;
  • hypersensitivity of head skin;
  • existence of dandruff;
  • excessive sebaceous glands;
  • hair turned gray early;
  • diseases associated with the a pilar part of the head (consultation of the specialist is necessary).

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Mesotherapy of hair: effect of the procedure

Injection mesotherapy has a cumulative and long-term effect. The result after carrying out a course of procedures will be the following:

  • improving of head skin;
  • improving the structure and quality of the strands along the entire length;
  • getting rid of the problem of hair loss and activation of its growth.

The mesotherapy of hair in Kiev is considered one of the most demanded procedures at the moment as it is capable to cure hair from within.

How the procedure of mesotherapy of hair is going on?

The main stages of the procedure are:

  • examination and questioning by a dermatologist-cosmetologist (it is necessary to know whether mesotherapy of hair was done before, do you have chronic diseases and indications for the procedure).
  • preparation for the procedure, individual selection of medicines, «vitamin cocktails» for each patient;
  • the process of injecting the necessary medicines and final treatment of the head skin.

It is important to know! Pain and redness can occur at the zone of ​​injection, however it eventually        pass and are considered the norm during the procedure.

Mesotherapy of hair: how many procedures are needed?

If you want to get the maximum efficiency of a mesotherapy of head skin it is necessary to complete a course from 7-10 procedures with frequency once a week. The effect has accumulative properties; it is become visible gradually and remains from 6 months to 1.5 years, depending on specific features of an organism.

Mesotherapy for hair growth: vitamin cocktails

A special set of vitamins and health-improving substances prevent hair loss and stimulate the active growth of new hairs, significantly improving its aesthetic appearance.

How does mesotherapy for hair growth works?

New hair growth is activated by improving the blood microcirculation. In turn, penetrating directly to the follicles, nutrients, vitamins and extracts saturate the hair from the inside, prolonging the growth phase of the hair, as well as increasing its density and thickness.

Mesotherapy for hair growth: what are the advantageous properties?

There are a lot of useful substances of different origin as part of preparations for this procedure, for example:

  • Vitamins of various groups.
  • Useful microelements
  • Organic acids.
  • Extracts of animal origin and medicinal plants.

Mesotherapy is an effective treatment method of hair loss

Mesotherapy treatment of hair loss is effective for both women and men of any age. In combination with complex treatment, the procedure is capable to resolve a problem not only a diffusion hair loss, but also other possible reasons of its loss.

How does mesotherapy treatment of hair loss works?

The procedure deals with the problems in three main directions:

  • promotes blood circulation;
  • saturates the bulbs with medicinal substances;
  • resist hormonal imbalances in the hair follicle.

The results of mesotherapy treatment of hair loss

As a result of the use of mesotherapy treatment of hair loss, the head skin receives a huge stimulus to recovery, starts the process of stopping hair loss and restores the process of its further growth.

The price of mesotherapy of hair in the city of Kiev

The effectiveness of the procedure and its price depend on many factors and level of clinic where this procedure is carried out. You should not trust cosmetologists with insufficiently profound knowledge of such technique as a mesotherapy. The price of health is paramount. The mesotherapy of head skin and its price will also depend on personally picked up «vitamin cocktails».

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The price of this procedure in the clinic Medissa

In our clinic, mesotherapy of hair - one of the most popular procedures - is also available. The cost of the procedure is caused by high professionalism of our specialists and the quality certified medicines.                                                          

You can learn more about the procedure of a mesotherapy of hair and its cost on our website in the section PRICE.

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